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Easy Web Video is the best video player on the market IMO. I have been using it for 2 years and it is my Swiss Army Knife for video. It's not your typical Internet Marketer thrown together crap software product. It's a mature, high quality, well designed and intuitive software. I think I've only watched one training video and have been able to run with it from there, lol. Any business that uses or wants to use video to help sell their products / services would benefit tremendously by using this product. It's also a heck of a lot of fun just to play with too.

Steve Haase - Las Vegas, Nevada

I have used several products over the years to accomplish the different project I was working on only to find that I was wasting my money on gimmicks that was limited in use and with no support when I needed it. Making another purchase such as Easy Web Video was far from a financial stretch and what I found was gems after gems within with more new features constantly being added. I still have several things that need to be explored from within the EWV. The possibilities with product seems endless and the support is listed in my book as the best. These guys truly cares for all of us and without our support such as telling a friend is the least we can do and I am so looking forward to new features that constantly are being added to an already great product. Thank you to all of you that are helping us to work with the best.

Ivan Heckscher - CPH

You have to try this - it's a fantastic product and one I would not be without. I have the full monty of the product with video streaming and I never have any problems, if I did I know that Shawn would be on top of them immediately. It's a doddle to use and saves me time and money in getting videos up and running with all manner of add ons that help me sell or get my message across or just collect contact details. from 1 to 10 - I'd give it a 12!!!

David Birchall - Partner at Web Resource Centre, UK

Seldom does one product come along that covers so many facets of over-the-top satisfaction to the end-user...the customer. I have unsubscribed to a host of one-trick-pony products now that I have EWV. Then when least expected, Shawn comes out with something else new and amazing. All my production needs are continually met in this one-stop-shopping product called Easy Web Video. I am completely happy with this purchase.

Linda Fehl - Tulsa, Oklahoma

GREAT PRODUCT at a GREAT PRICE. I do real estate property videos. I am able to use the product and ditch being at the mercy of YOUTUBE. I am impressed with many features of EASY WEB VIDEO. 1-Easy embed code 2-Easy to get Video Stats 3-SUPPORT. The support staff is very quick to respond to a service ticket. 4-The user skins 5-Training videos 6-Video Email....PLUS it is very easy to use. There are many more features and options that i have not had the opportunity to try yet. Overall a Great Value. Highly Recommended!

Dean Foster - REALTOR® at Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast

Did you ever have a product that just kept on giving you idea after idea? Probably not, until we purchased EWV, neither had we. This is the only purchase that we have ever made that does 100 times more than imagined. We implement this for short training videos for our techs, client interviews for testimonials, email campaigns, birthday, thank you & anniversary video cards for clients and family, plus the list includes all the "normal applications" too. Not only does this work for anything you can imagine, the EWV team product updates are cutting-edge and always worth the wait. (Which by the way is nothing compared to other products we have that promise and NEVER deliver). This is the one purchase whose ROI was met the first time we used it. If you make videos, or are thinking about making videos, then you must have this! It is easy to use, and their tutorial video library has everything in it. There is nothing like it, nothing better. Char Ferguson- Director of Sales & Marketing at Just Call the IT Guy

Char Ferguson - VP Sales & Marketing at Just Call The I.T. Guy

There are so many video products around and I have tried lots of them. Easy Web Video has a very secure place in my arsenal and is my preferred player when I am not forced to use something else. The feature additions since first purchasing it have been worth more than the original investment.

Thomas Olesen - Norwich, Norfolk, UK

We've been using Easy Web Video for over 5 years. Easy to use, flexible... Could not ask for a better product and could not ask for better Customer Service...Thank You!

Yvonne Paul-Williams - CUNY MEC

Listen folks! I like to speak from the heart, and I must say that EWV is the best innovated product for the Online and offline Marketer today. I use this awesome valuable product for my Business as an end-user and customer and I am satisfied. Shawn and his team is a top notch straight shooter who really does what he promises, look at all the improvements that were and still being done. It is simple to use and very high quality features that you can use on your videos, (no wonder they said NO GEEK REQUIRED!!!) all my work flow is meet and if there is a problem, their support system is right there to assist you. I do encourage you to promote this product to your friends and family. EWV rock's and I will support and deal with them for many years to come. Thanks Shawn and the Team, great job!

Robson Domingos - CEO and Founder at MasterMindsWins Solutions

Technik verliebte finden hier Ihren Platz, für das Marketing eines der durchdachtesten Tools, Jeder Unternehmer verschenkt viel Geld wenn er nur mit YTube hostet. Sie sollten es einfach einen Monat ausprobieren und sich dann von Ihren Ideen leiten lassen.

Ilja Zieziula - 대헌공고

I purchased Easy Web Video and LOVE it. It's a very powerful package, yet very simple to use, and looks beautiful on web and sales pages. The part that matters just as importantly to me, their customer service, is excellent. I sent in a ticket with a question regarding setting up the player on Amazon, they answered in a timely fashion, and assisted me right through. Great product and great support!

Pat Parton - Vancouver, British Columbia

You speak the truth Michael. Great product, great service and great guys to deal with. EWV a homerun and then some.

Ultima Photography & Video

This product gets my thumbs up as its so easy to use, very fast to compress my videos and helps me to upload them to either Amazon S3 or YT. I also use it to add my AWeber signup forms so my viewers can go to my sign up page easily. What I have also been using it for is in my email series, where viewers get a short view of a video playing. When they click the video it takes them to the landing page where the video is hosted. Previously I would do this with pictures but now it appears to the viewer that a video is in their email. Increases my click through rate. Love the product and all its feautures.

Claude Everard Fullinfaw - Gold Director In USANA at USANA Brisbane Distributor

I've been with EasyWeb Video from the begining and have experienced the best customer service on the planet. As I watched EWV grow, it became more than just a place to upload videos, it was a place to make a functional web page, then when EWV added the ability to add social media links onto your video and have it direct the end to another page complete the suite into a very powerful tool... better than any other service of this kind. Now, I can track my videos and keep them private. This list of benefits keeps getting larger, at this time it works very smooth without glitches and I cannot think of another addition they could come up with to make EWV any better. I consider EWV the TOP service for all my video needs.

Eric Miller

I just wanted to say that EWV was a breath of fresh air, the software is amazing, you can load a video from your computer, add different elements like, labels, hyperlink them, and lot's more, then process it and upload to the site. The other cool thing is that your hoting your video's on Amazon s3, so you don't have to worry about Youtube cancelling your membership. So you can have your video's on your site knowing that they are safe and secure. Love it.

Len Cecchetto - Works at Internet Marketing

Being online for 9 years this has to be the most powerful that I have seen, because it works. my optin rate has sky rocketed. I have never in my years online seen this before thanks for the system and thanks for helping me grow my team.

John Rodriguez - CEO at Spartanglobal1

Ours is a Photography and Video Production Company and have been around for over 40 years. We came in as one of the first to use EWV and found Shawn to be a straight shooter who does what he promises. Over the years the improvements have been nothing less than fantastic. Doing somewhere in the area of, well, let's just say a lot, of Memeorial Tribute Videos for showing at the calling hours, we do post all the videos on the funeral parlors website and leave it up for about a year and they play flawlessly. The way you can customize your EWV page is great. We are always telling others about EWV and and trying to get them signed up. I can not say enough good things about Shawn and Michael, when you have a problem you get one of them, not someone that just does not get it, that is a big one for us. I am always looking forward to the next thing they introduce and will always support and deal with them for many years to come. Great job Guys.

Ultima Photography & Video

There are a lot of 'other' video products out there but I have to say that EasyWebVideo has such a 'unique' ability in several different ways. I love how I can add buttons that are clickable to my videos which has been a great way to get people to take action. There are so many other features that are helpful to marketing with video that I highly recommend you give EWV a test drive and see for yourself. Plus Shawn Pringle keeps providing more and more features that just keep making this product amazing along with top notch customer support.

Lynn Brown - LIKE our PAGE at Lynn and Dennis Brown

I use Easy Web Video to easily add clickable tags to my own videos and client videos. It also is great for adding value to emails by making a clickable video that takes the client to an engaging video. There is something about video that lends credibility to marketing and YouTube really paved the way for us by adding commercial labels and banners on their videos. People expect them. This means that this is business as usual. However, up until now being able to imitate YouTube's method of adding links to videos has required extremely expensive software. Easy Web Video has made the process simple and inexpensive and they provide step by step video training, so even a newbie can create videos for any page, easily embed into any interface. Oh and did I mention the videos are responsive? Meaning they are perfect for mobile apps as well as web applications. Can you tell? I love Easy Web Video.

Bonnie Dillabough - Online Marketing Consultant at Self-Employed

Easy Web Video is just that EASY! And...it's fast, reliable and full-featured. I do promotional videos for a local business group for informational purposes and was looking for a product that allowed me to deliver our message in a clean format. EWV does it, without fail. Great service and the support staff is there when you need help. Awesome service.

Jim Cull - Punta Gorda Isles, Florida

Shawn !!! I've been using EW for years and love how easy the interface is to navigate. it seems to flow exactly how I think (not sure if that's a good thing or not) - BUT what I really love is the embed code drop down box that gives me different codes to use. I find some of sites need one kind and some another - it used to be a bit of a job - now just 2 clicks !!!! Keep up the good work !!

Dave Chomitz - Works at Real Estate Broker / Speaker

Wow, the term, “No geek required” has never been so true! But make no mistake; Easy Web Video is a powerful all-inclusive software package available anywhere for your video posting. In very simple steps and within minutes after uploading your work using the Easy Web Video upload and publish tool you’ll go from video to embed code, html code, or URL link. Select your choice - copy, and paste your code to success every time. A rarely discussed benefit to becoming part of the Easy Web Video family is access to your current or previously converted/coded videos 24/7. They’re stored, ready to go, and don’t take up any of your valuable space. If you’re a video enthusiast, make vacation videos or just love making movies and want to seamlessly share them, Easy Web Video is your absolute solution. It will quickly become the most important means to success tool in your video toolbox. Select the URL link and attach to an email for friends and they’ll think you’re brilliant. “No Geek Required” is a mantra you’ll repeat time and time again. I have found other video posting software to be clumsy, unstable, and too costly. Uniquely, Shawn and the team at Easy Web Video listen to customer suggestions and answer any inquiry. Their personalized help-desk is always available if you have a question and answer in, "no geek" terms. A final comment- Run, don’t walk to take advantage of Easy Web Video. You’ll never regret nor look back once you’ve joined the thousands of satisfied customers. This company’s walkway should be paved in gold. It is THAT GOOD!

Paul Peters - Annandale High

My budget is extremely limited, and so is my time. When I look at software or services, I have to look at them as potential long-term solutions. Easy Web Video meets my criteria for being affordable, dependable (i.e. the people behind it have proven to be reliable and supportive), and it solves several problems: including video storage and a video player with many features to enhance my marketing efforts. I use EWV to store videos that I use in membership sites, to build lists, and to provide interactive experiences for my audiences.

Jerry Waxman - UConn

I really like this product. The biggest plus for me is the way it seamlessly puts our videos on Amazon s3. Also really like being able to modify and enhance videos once they are loaded into our S3 accounts.

John Baron - Edwin G. Foreman High School

Easy Web Video Team,
I wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for the support I got this week - excellent service. If anyone uses videos in their marketing then 'Easy Web Video' is a must!
As well as the basics such as secure storage of your video, different player options, editing, adding buy buttons, social media integration, email capture all inside the video itself and a host more features - EWV has even more features to help you make money online with video.
How about being able to add a video over ANY page? Using your link, the customer can visit an Amazon product page - but over the top of this page is your video. It doesn't have to be Amazon - it can be a sales page, software page, affiliate page - ANY page at all.
How about being able to put a video in your email? How cool would that be to get a higher CTR to your offer?
I have only ever had 1 issue with the software - brilliantly handled within a couple of hours.
I cannot recommend 'Easy Web Video' enough.

Martyn Lenthall - Owner at SEO Company Bristol

It is amazing platform, an awesome tool for my video. I like web page, click magnet and others. Thanks.

Nguyen Xuan Thien - HCMC

My name is Chess. I am excited to provide this testimony. EWV provides ease of utilization and freedom to develop your content without restrictions. I am own http://www.meetup.com/BlacksinTelevisionandFilm/, with locations in Atlanta GA and Hollywood, CA. We are looking to lauch our own broadcast network very soon. I approve and endorse this product.

Chess Mention - CEO & Founder at Eprock Media Group

Easy Web Video is the simplest way to host video on Amazon s3. No hoops to jump through, no convoluted videos to follow - it just works. I'm sure it does a heck of a lot more than this, but this is absolutely perfect and I can't recommend them enough.

Sarah Arrow - Chief Marketing Officer at Sark eMedia

I wanted to thank you again for your Easy Web Video excellent Customer Service. I dont think i have ever dealt with a company that is this focused on their customers and always have time to help when needed. It is refreshing to know that there are people who still pride themselves in helping the customer

George Negron - Keiser University, Fort Myers, FL

Great product - excellent value and very responsive support - recommended. Thanks Si

Simon Troy Banter Meister - Sale Grammar School

In forty-three years in business, I've been intimately involved with numerous superb successes as well as miserable failures. I was there pre-web and pre-PC, and every step in between; in marketing, distribution, development. What have I learned from all this? Technology is fun. But in the end, it's about the people, about us. It's the people, it's us, that bring success and failure. I'm a visionary and I'm good at it. When I make an investment, my dollars - my time, I'm convinced the "product" is worthy. But then, before making a final commitment, I evaluate the people. Will they support me, are they there for the long haul, are they nice people, can they communicate well, do they listen to me, can they hear me? I've made my decision about EasyWebVideo, I'm in for a lifetime membership. I'm investing my time in supporting this venture as an active and enthusiastic user. Shawn has proven to me that he and they are worthy. This is the right time and the right place, and I encourage others that are serious about internet marketing to make an investment in the EasyWebVideo team.

Ron Wallace

After watching the webinar I immediately upgraded to Easy Web Video Progressive Streaming. The Lifetime solution is AWESOME! Can't say enough about how much I like EWV, but wanted to note here that I had an account issue after the upgrade and true to his word Shawn himself answered my support ticket and fixed my issue within a couple of hours.
EWV is incredible AND these guys truly care about their customers, what a great feeling.

Adam Bailey - Tehachapi, California

Thanks very much, I am very impressed with your support. It confirms my belief in my decision to purchase Easy Web Video. You and your staff are terrific!

Tom Montgomery

I've been with Shawn for a long time. His support and quick response has always been incredible, even when it was just Shawn. That tradition continues. But that's just the beginning. EWV has always been leading edge and easy to use. These new innovations keep EWV the place to for for no geek required video. There is simply nothing better on the market.

Art Remnet - Principal at Strategic Marketing Group

This by far the easiest suite of tools. I echo the support compliments. Have you considered making this assubscription. I realize you do for larger companies but I for one would like to pay monthly as this is easire to pay for. Monthly would give you a steadier cash flow. Tks Brian

Brian McHale - CFMPA

There is no better system for self hosted video.
In fact, with the refinements to easy web video, they have moved the second most popular self hosted video platform to an entirely other universe.
Great job as usual.
It's nice to see people that constantly think outside of the box.
In this case, Easy Web Video reinvented the box....

Connor T Macivor - Buyer and Seller Consultant at Paris911 REMAX of Santa Clarita


Rhonda Hicks

Love you guys - the platform and the outstanding support. EWV is the only platform I recommend. Talk soon

Dave Chomitz - Works at Real Estate Broker / Speaker

Awsome thanks for taking care of your customers! Thank you guys keep it up!

Gabriel Ramos

I think you guys are the very few out there that make a product very professional, easy and great. Most of the sellers do not care anymore about the product after is sold. You keep improving always and that is why I 'll keep buying from you, because I know that I will taken care as well of the product I bought.

Arturo Ballardo - Chief Executive Officer at Specializedwebmasters.com

Hey guys! Great new features on Easy Web Video. It's nice to know your listening to your users and actually acting on our suggestions. Just Great. By the way, I Love Your Product! Keep up the good work.

Sam Lyons - Sulphur, Louisiana

I've been working with online video since 2007 and have tried them all... hands down this is the best in the world.

Fred Rahaming - Cleveland, Ohio

I have to say your System is TOP OF THE LINE, and the new Easy Web Video Generator adds a great deal of value to your system and if I would have known what was coming I would not have needed the numerous video tools I have purchased the last few months.
I do have a request for a feature at sometime in the future. That would be a separate access to most all features for a couple of VA's.
Thanks for building a great product!

Toney Dougherty - Callisburg, ISD

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