9 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Use Video

It can be difficult to persuade your real estate team to add video marketing to the budget.

Even sole agents have a hard time adopting video as a marketing method. Video consumes more time and effort, and some agents find themselves feeling shy in front of the camera.

73% of property owners say that they are more most likely to list with a real estate agent who utilizes video, yet only 9% of agents incorporate video into their listings. Listings without videos are simple to skip over, and those that use aerial images and video shots are much more appealing to purchasers and sellers.

Video marketing is among the most effective marketing tools as it cultivates engagement, storytelling, and credibility. Here are nine reasons why it’s vital for real estate agents to utilize video in their marketing.

51% of marketing professionals globally rank video content as providing the best ROI.

Online marketers utilize video for all types of brands to increase following, acquire more consumers, and enhance brand name awareness. For real estate representatives ready to invest in marketing strategies, video is a clear choice that has a tested ROI.

Real Estate agents who use video increase revenue 49% faster than non-video users.

Adding video to your marketing strategy guarantees much faster, more efficient earnings growth. Real estate agents trying to find a profits boost should consider video a tier 1 tactic to grow those sales numbers.

Video garners 1,200% more shares than text and images combined.

Social media is a fantastic method for agents to share their message and listings in addition to increase their following. Agents need to think about publishing more videos on social media channels to get more shares and broaden their audience. Word-of-mouth in real estate is still important, and social referrals are very important. Videos on social media assists agents get the word out faster about their services.

real estate video marketing

64% of viewers purchase products after watching branded social videos.

In real estate, videos are a reliable tool to display a representative’s listed properties and communities. Representatives who use this marketing tactic will see a rise in requests to take a look at their residential or commercial properties as well as offers on those listings. Videos assist consumers put a face to the brand, making it more relatable; this, in turn, boosts sales.

Video increases organic traffic from search engines by 157%. 

Marketers rank higher in search results by using video. For real estate agent who want to master marketing, videos are a great way to rank highly when possible consumers look for real estate info online. Not lots of individuals click to ‘page 2’ on Google (or elsewhere), so it’s essential to rank as high as possible for certain keywords. Video can help a site, blog, social pages, or any landing pages rank higher on the result page for potential clients to see.

Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.

Video on the homepage of a representative’s site will have a higher impact and boost conversions considerably. Agents should include their ‘video business card’ that embodies their unique qualities on their homepage for best results. Video on the homepage will also increase the likelihood that visitors will sign up for a newsletter, request more details, or head over to the blog (whichever the desired call to action is).

Emails which include video increase click-through rates by 96%.

Real estate agents that send periodic newsletters or e-mails to subscribers, try including a video to boost click-through rate. Many individuals comprehend messages visually and audibly, so instead of making them check out a long piece of text, put the content in video format. Obviously, you can recycle videos from social media and your blog site, making sure it gets in front of lots of possible clients.

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Viewers remember 95% of the message in videos they watch.

While online marketers and real estate agents both rely on methods such as newspaper ads or direct mail, they do not consistently stick in people’s minds. To stick out from the rest and produce a memorable message, agents should rely on video because we tend to remember that information easier and for longer. Obviously the other methods still have their place in a real estate agent’s marketing project, but combining it with video will make a longer-lasting impression on prospective clients.

Viewers spend 88% more time on websites with video.

Real estate agents who want customers to stay on their website and find out about their company should add videos to their website. Users invest more time on websites with video, which implies they digest more information and discover more about the company and if the listings are relevant to what they’re looking for.

Since it helps highlight distinct features and the beauty of residential or commercial properties, video marketing is without a doubt an exceptional marketing technique for real estate agents. Videos provide authentic messages through an attractive medium, which helps boost traffic and drive profits. For agents that believe they can skip the video element of marketing, consumer demand will soon convince otherwise.

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