Video Creation

Caleb Wojcik

The Video Equipment you Need, Based on Your Budget

Choosing the right video gear can be an overwhelming task. Not just because there are so many different options, but because it is hard to know which piece of equipment is worth spending money on. Add on to that taking into consideration all the different styles of video you could be creating– there’s a lot to of gear to wade through.

Let me help with that.

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Isa Adney

How to Look (and Feel) Good on Camera

One of my favorite episodes of the television show Happy Endings is when the lead character Dave films his first commercial for his food truck. The actor who played Dave, Zach Knighton, expertly brings out every uncomfortable look, stutter, jitter, sweat, and awkward eye-lock in his portrayal of Dave Not Being Comfortable On Camera. It makes for the worst fiction commercial in the world. And it cracks me up every time. Because I can relate.

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