Should your video exceed 3 minutes?

Video marketing is the advertising strategy that, if done right shall provide you with a massive amount of publicity and outreach. There are several tips that can be followed to have much more effective advertising with your video.

One of the most debated topics around video content seems the difference between Short and Long video content. There seems to be pros and cons for both the sides and here we shall have a look at how they stand against one another.

Small duration Video:


Short is sweet –

The most important benefit of short is literally its shortness. These days the attention spans of people are reducing. As people become more busier with many things to do, and more social media apps to use and more people to chat with, people are less likely to spend their time on watching long video especially if it seems uninteresting. On the other hand shorter videos have this advantage where they are most likely to be completely watched.

Easily Made –

 Short videos require less efforts and resources for production compared to the long ones. This means that you can produce more number of shorter videos in the time span and with resources as same as long videos.

Share-ability –

Short videos are easily shareable. They could be shared through chatting apps and even they are increasingly being seen used in the statuses feature which almost all of the major social media apps have.


Less Content –

The major disadvantage of short videos is that you can say only so much through your short video. That means if you have 20 advantages that you wish to share, you have to choose the main 5 among them so as to be in your main video. This is the major benefit with Long format of video.

Requires great deal of creativity:

Short videos, even though can be easily made, require a significant amount of thought so as to be as engaging as possible.

Long Video:


The major benefit of long video is that you can share massive amount of information. This means that you will be able to add in detail content about what you are willing to share.

Longer videos, even though require more resources to produce, provide a greater amount of creative freedom. They also allow your audience to get in depth knowledge of your topic and thus making them more interested in the content. Longer videos provide good leads to call to actions and thus add to your conversions.


The disadvantage of long videos is the amount of resources and time that will be required to plan out and create the video. This means more shooting and more editing.

Long videos also require much better story-lines so as to keep the audience engaged.

This essentially means that the storyline of the video is the most important part, whether you choose to go with the short video or long video. When you require to provide a in depth tutorial it is always a good idea to go with long video type but the thing to be taken care of is that the audience must be engaged in your content. When you have a small presentation or are solving a particular small problem , shorter videos will do the job and at the same time maintain the engagement of audience.