A cool way to increase customer engagement

Video marketing – is slowly becoming the most widely used strategy for persons as well as brands to stand out from the crowd of advertisements. The next step in this field is using personalised video content to attract the customers based on their personal preferences rather than having a single strategy for all the advertisements.

As more and more brands shift to video for their marketing needs, the competition for attention increases. This is where personalization of video comes in. Having personalized video content allows for much better experience for the customers. The best example for this can be seen in the large-scale expansion of services such as Netflix and Amazon. These companies have very effective recommendation systems that have the capability to make people stay loyal to their brands.

The advantages:

Engaging Experiences:

Having personalized video content helps in developing a great relationship with the customers where both the parties get a great deal. The customers have the satisfaction of having an engaging experience and the brand gets to advertise themselves.

Better relationships:

A survey had found that 80 percent of the profit for a brand is obtained from the 20 percent of the long-time customers of the business. This means that the brands must work to improve the customer loyalty towards the brand. One of the best ways to show this is to provide personalised content to the customer, this makes them feel valued and also leads to better relationship with the brand. This will eventually lead to more loyal customers that become life long customers of the brand.

Use of Big data:

Almost all the major companies have a large amount of data of customers. This data will be used for the creation of recommendations for the customers. This information will then provide personalized video content to the customers. The advantage of having customer data will be seen here as people get to have better experiences based on their preferences.

One of the best examples of personalised video marketing was seen in 2014 when Nike sent out more than 100,000 unique videos to the Nike+ members where the videos were based on the customers personalised workout data. This surely helped the brand create a much closer relationship with their customers. Using personalised video mimics, the presence of a personal communication, thus creating relationships with the people.

Video is surely becoming the fastest growing and he most recommended form of marketing. Studies have found that almost 50% of the internet users look for the videos related to a product or service before they make a purchase or visit the store. Another statistic to consider is that more than 500 million hours of video are watched everyday on YouTube.

All these statistics prove how important video will be for marketing of your brand. As we have seen the advantages of personalized video content creation, it surely goes a long way in improving the loyalty of the customers towards your brand and it will create much interpersonal with your customers.