Entry Level Video Marketing for Solopreneurs

If you are one who is planning to start business as solopreneur then video marketing must of the effective tools to utilize. But to start implementing video marketing in business one needs to know some key things that will help to boost the business.

As we all know that video marketing can become a costly affair most of the time, but if done smartly, then in a low budget too video marketing can be done.

If you are a single person who is running the firm, then funding can be a huge thing, thus knowing what are the technicalities and the primary aims behind getting success through video marketing can get you better conversions.

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Shorter time span video

As we all know that mobile viewing is increasing at a massive rate each year, so browsing a video in mobile must be the key to get success. To watch a video in mobile, the most effective time limit is at average of two mins. A video with less or equal to two mins gets viewed more as they are light in space and uses less internet. So investing in creating a long video will no way be a good one. Short and compact video is the way to go for solopreneurs.

Video in landing pages of website

If one has a website, and wants to get better conversions through video, then adding a video in the landing page is the right way to go. According to various research it has been found the efficiency in conversion rate increases by 50% when a landing page is optimized with a video.

Video in branding a business

If you are a solopreneur then making it big quickly and getting more conversations is the only target. Till today there are many small businesses not using the tool of video marketing effectively. So make the best use of video marketing in marketing the business effectively as it been found in research a firm who uses video to represent their business has 20% more chance to make sales over the ones who don’t.

So, follow the above methods of using video marketing as a solopreneur to get success quickly.

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