Expectations on Social Video Marketing

Video marketing is the top marketing choice out there for anybody who wishes to harness the infinite power of social media. It has been a slightly tough time for social media marketing in the previous years due to the revelation of some false metrics that were being used in some social media platforms. This also led to the doubts on how much things on the internet are fake. There are some things to know about social video marketing in 2019 so as to improve your marketing game.

Facebook came out with IGTV and watch, and tiktok had an explosive growth in the past year. This is proof that video is becoming the future of digital communication. One of the major reasons that is allowing this shift to video is better and cheaper network connectivity.


It is to be kept in mind that most of the videos in the top 100 list are promoted. Big brands can afford to shell out a larger amount so as to get better visibility on their campaigns. For smaller brands it is always better to have a great story line to your video so that people connect with it instantly. In a survey of people who have watched brand videos, it was found that almost half of the people said that they had went on to get more information about a particular brand based on seeing their video ad as compared to the text/still images medium.

Let us have a look at a few statistics:

70% customers have shared a brand’s video

52% customers say that watching videos of the products make them more confident in purchasing a product online

About 65% of people go to a marketer’s website and about 40% call a vendor after viewing a video

Some tips for better outreach are:

Get a great story-line: This is the most important tip as without having some touching content, nobody will connect to your video, no matter how much you work on its promotion.

Be interactive with the audience, try out several different strategies to find out which works the best for you

Know about what type of audience you are dealing with and provide them with something personal. If you know that your audience will most likely be the youngsters , then make your video such that they will feel it relevant to them.

Release new videos on a regular schedule: this will make the audience believe that you are keeping yourselves updated

Make sure that the videos can be easily shared. This will increase your brands outreach to the potential audience.

Add a video to the top of your social media page to introduce your brand

Upload videos directly to websites rather than providing links to other websites

Have a call to action: This is what people are supposed to do after they have been impressed by your video. The link to buy your product or share your brand, it must be provided with the video.

Keep it Simple: Don’t confuse your audience.

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