Being authentic on video

Video marketing is the next big thing in advertising. There are several reasons that make video marketing the best strategy for marketing. The tremendous power of social media, the improvements in the internet connectivity and better adoption of the internet amongst the people.

Here we shall have a look at a few significant points why you should consider creating authentic video content and how it will help in your marketing.

The touch of authenticity:

Whether you are a small sized business or a large organization, having an authentic identity is essential for maintaining your customers. This means that there should be some common elements that you believe in and stand for. What is a better medium than video for showcasing your authenticity? A carefully designed video strategy helps you in finding your voice and showing it off to the crowd. Whether you want your brand to be recognized as humorous or customer focused or any other trait, a video will best portray it to the world.


Authentic content provides your marketing campaigns some consistency. When the audience get to see your video with same or similar attributes, they start to associate your brand with those attributes. This helps create an image in the consumers’ heads.

Add value:

When you are creating and providing the audience with authentic content, you are adding some value, be it in the form of a new idea or just a tingly satisfied feeling in their stomach. This makes your brand stand out as an authority in your field of expertise. When you provide people with authentic and valuable content, you are making sure that they perceive you like an updated authority in the domain.

Increases brand loyalty:

Videos increase customer loyalty to your brand. Customers shall always prefer to buy a product from a brand name that they have heard a lot about through videos rather than some unknown brand.

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that your content should be authentic and should tell a story that people connect with.

Embrace the power of social media:

In this age of social media, you get an infinite audience for your video content. From stories to long-form content to live videos there are a plethora of choices to select from. Even though the stories last for only 24 hours, never underestimate the power of them. Creating long-form content specially customised for some social media platform will also have a very good impact on your marketing strategy.

How to create authentic videos:

The story behind:

The most authentic content you can create about your brand is by explaining the story behind your brand. This can include things such as how you started out or even the weird and silly incidents that occur during the initial phases of your journey.

The customer story:

Customer testimonials are very efficient for authentic material. Just let your customers be themselves and give you honest reviews about your products. This will provide you better outreach than you explaining the benefits of your brand.

The company culture:

What better way to showcase the authenticity of your brand than display the culture of your company? Creating videos that show how life at your company is genuinely highlighting your brand. These also help the customers get to know the more human side of your brand.

These were just a few ways that you can create authentic content for your brands’ marketing strategy. There are infinite possibilities out there. The most important point that is to be kept in mind is that your content should be authentic and also connect with the people.