Grab your audience’s attention with video

In this age our attention spans are reducing and this works negatively for the advertising industry. The best way which has been proven to market is video. As people are becoming choosier about the things that can get their attentions, the advertisers become more careful what show they put out to the audience.


Video marketing is the future in advertising. Any marketing strategy which is going to be created must have video as a crucial part of their plans.

90 percent of the audience say that video helps them in making better purchasing decision and 64 percent people say that watching a video makes them more likely to buy the product or service.

Social media:

All the social media giants are making way to keep up with the growth in the creation and consumption of video content. Snapchat has had short stories from long. Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram have now brought about the concepts of stories. This has exponentially increased the video sharing among the consumers. The most popular video streaming site YouTube has gone on to become the world’s second leading website just after Google, thus surpassing Facebook.

Facebook is also working on increasing their video sharing capabilities with the introduction of Facebook Watch which has both original and shared content. This will give a direct competition to other streaming channels. Instagram brought out IGTV which helped Instagram’s now share their video content with their friends and followers. The latest feature which has been released is of the IGTV previews being available in the user’s feeds.

Go Live:

Almost all of the major social media giants have the live feature. This hugely improves how a company or a brand connects with the user. Instead of having a shot and processed video, the customers get to have a real authentic look at their favorite brands and get to experience the real-life happenings. Instagram recently followed Twitter and Facebook in bringing out the live feature to it.

There are several things to be taken care of when choosing a video strategy for your marketing:

Telling a story:

With all the discussion about attention spans it is very important that you connect to the audience from the go. This means that you have to tell a story through your video that makes them feel connected to you. Time has proven again and again that once you have a great video out there which touches the audience, the people will take it on themselves to spread it across social media. That is the power of viral videos.

Being Authentic:

This is what the live feature seeks to bring about. The true candid side be it of people or of the organisations as a whole. With traditional video is is possible to do editing and add background scores to make it look much more wonderful but the live feature shows to the people your original side. Webinars are also a great way of doing this. Webinars are those sessions where you provide people with demonstrations about your products and services and people then get to ask you questions that they have. They are one of the best methods for advertising your brand if done right.

These were a few points to improve your video marketing. Video marketing is surely changing the way companies get business and the rise of social media is accelerating this growth exponentially.

Have you started working on your video marketing strategy yet?