How Q and A videos help in conversions

Video marketing is still booming trend in the digital promotions in 2020. It can be rightly said an eye catching video can express more thoughts and has more impact on viewers. A video can be used for re-marketing in several aspects of marketing campaign. According to popular researches it has been found that by 2021 more than 80% of content consumption in digital media will be through video. So, it can be rightly said, that for digital business owners and entrepreneur alike this is one of the golden opportunities to make their stand tall with the help video content promotion.

Today, we are going to talk about one of the types of video that has been creating a good personal relationship between clients and businesses, i.e.  Q and A videos. These types of videos help in creating trust and long standing relationships with customers.

Why you need Q and A video?

  • Addressing commonly asked questions in video format and optimizing them in content structure can help in drawing more conversions.
  • It creates a better landing page with better optimization of video for SEO to get better search visibility.
  • A Q and A video adds more value to site’s frequently asked questions.
  • Lastly, with the use of Q and A type of videos, social media promotions get a boost as there are more interesting ways to engage customers.

How to get questions for Q and A?

Creating and hosting of these types of videos can be an easy breezy task with help of easywebvideo’s lead grabber tool. Now, how to get the content to create, well it can be done by analyzing what can be questionable areas around service/product in questions. Even understanding what should be the subject of Q and A is also important. The video can be either related product selling queries or a general frequently asked questions based on totality.

Creating a poll in social networks and asking people about their questions or rating a few questions to know what the customers actually wanting to know can also be a way of creating video. These videos as they become personalized, people feel more connected and they slowly trust the companies in making effort in clearing issues through videos are.

Sources for questions and answers can also be taken from popular social Q and A sites like quora, google’s “people also ask section” and many more.

After knowing the right types of questions that needs to be answered it is very important to create prompt and good Q and A video based on it. The video should no way be boring, but should be like the face of the company video where people just by this video can judge the product/service for purchase. A Q and A video’s key aspect lies in compelling scrip in driving customers to make sales.

Marketing of Q and A video in cross funnels

A after creating of the video and publishing it, it is very important the video is marketed well, as that has many questions in t which can guide customers to do the right thing. If a Q and A video is crisp and to the point, it alone can drive more sales and returns for the businesses.

Perfect Your Video MArketing

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