How stories in videos help in boosting sales

It has been rightly said, if a company is planning to do podcast then their growth will depend a lot on the trend graph of it. A podcast can be compelling to audience only when a good business story is said. So it can be rightly said, stories have a huge way to connect with audience. Making a video is not about good production and smart budgeting, but also about creating a good story to spread.

As per many studies in the recent few years it has recorded that many audience are viewing more video stories than whitepapers or blogs to get insights about companies and their products and services. This is largely due to visual and audio medium coming together and creating a much more interactive medium. Stories in the form of demonstrations or growth map are seen as more thrust earning to people that written materials. Thus, to create a lasting impact through marketing videos that sales, it is important to have a convincing story.

Previously people used to make presentations on the basis of PPT slides, many companies would resent it. Then some tried making high production videos, but they would be create dent in the pocket, thus with improvisations came in mock up videos and sales videos with low cost but compelling stories. With the emergence of these budget video productions, quality and content became the face of it. Thus, it caught that emotions are something that can be sold, as a result stories that have emotions and feeling can create a huge impact on audience.

To know more in-depth there some key emotions while creating your next video you can try to implement

1. using of sizzling elements

2. Using fear to attract people to get solutions

3. Going the nostalgia and touching sentiments

4. Using funny concepts to bring an element of humor through videos. These types of videos often have the ability to go viral if there are deep underlining messages.

5. Using stories highlighting something unique or unexpected – this is something that can build curiosity and viewers generally click these more.

 To make promising video without having a pocket pinch but also using great video tools to customize the stories into compelling video check out attention grabber tool from easy web video.

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