How to choose video types for marketing

If you are someone who is into marketing, then by now, you are completely aware about the potentials of Video marketing 2020. The immense power that video has over texts has made many business owners search for best video marketing companies to get their video based conversion marketing covered.

Although the area of video analytics and hosting is comparatively new and still getting explored but it has been in talks by marketing researchers for quite some time now. There are many digital marketing companies who solely provide video hosting and marketing services. There are many packages that are provided to make the services not pinch the pockets of form owners.

When searched online and in various video platforms one gets to find various types of videos. Being completely newbie or a person who has very little knowledge about the types of videos needed may get confused. So, it is very important to be guided about the types of video in video marketing and who needs them.

Types of videos

that people create through Easy web video’s Lead Grabber tool:

Sales intro video

These are the types of video that have replaced the sales letter and sales texts. They are generally made to create sales and conversions. These type of video aim to make leads through their videos. Where all the pain points about the products/services are mentioned. The even provide some quick handy solutions by using the products through these types of videos.

Story format videos

These are the type of videos where animations, slides filters and bit of editing comes into play. They are the most loved videos. Where in the form of stories a company tries to invite people to know more about the products/services. Here, many video creators play with their creativity.

Explainer videos

If you have a business where certain explanations or studies are required, then this is the right fit for you. In these types of videos explanations and illustrations and walk through of a service or tool is done. Here basically in-depth video studies are done where people can get firsthand knowledge about the workings about the products or service.

Social media type video

These are the video formats which are required if you want promote in social media platforms. Here certain parameters related to each social media platforms needs to be followed. The videos hosted in these platforms are generally for the views and traffics. So if you want widespread traffic then this is for you.