6 Ways to Use Personalized Video Marketing to Increase Your Engagement

An ordinary individual will consume about 84 minutes of online video each day this year. That's each and every day. With users viewing that much video, your marketing needs to stand out. That’s why personalized video marketing is your new best friend.
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91% of viewers are more inclined to buy from businesses that regard them as unique individuals and provide offers and recommendations specific to them. Whether you operate a large company or a store that sells loungewear, personalized video marketing should be something you’re employing to round off your digital marketing campaigns.

We’ll share 6 ways to leverage personalized video marketing to help you achieve your marketing goals while offering ideas on just how to scale personalization and how to do tailored video marketing on a budget.

What is personalized video marketing?

Personalized video marketing is when companies use data (whether from their analytics accounts, CRM accounts, or even more internal data-sourcing techniques, such as customer fulfillment surveys) to market a video towards a particular consumer or group of customers

There are levels of personalization. In some cases a video will feature pictures, names, as well as locations of certain individuals.

Perhaps the clearest instance of personalized video marketing is the Cadbury Glow campaign. Cadbury customers had the ability to develop a tailored video “present” that took their personal images from their Facebook profile:

However personalized video clips do not need to be this complex. They can be as straightforward as listing, at the very beginning of the video, “This video was made for [Consumer Name], that help them [finish a buying action]”.

By including this tailored introduction, the rest of the video feels really personal, as well.

Advantages of personalized videos in your marketing strategy

87% of organisations utilize video as a marketing tool, so it makes good sense that 90% of video marketers feel “the level of competition and noise has increased.”

What are the benefits of personalized marketing?

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Personalized video marketing is a great tool because it weds two popular methods: personalized marketing and your video marketing campaign strategy.

85% of the US web audience watches videos online, yet 93% of web users said they weren’t getting any appropriate marketing interactions.

Personalized marketing utilizes the most popular medium (video), and leverages customization to increase engagement, conversions, click-through rates, and more.

Personalized video marketing concepts for your company

Personalized video is an excellent marketing method for all services, however it doesn’t work precisely the same for each industry. B2B is a whole different world to conventional B2C marketing.

With B2B your target audience consists of professionals in their field. Plus, these specialists are likely getting cold pitched every day, whether through telephone calls, emails, or simply a steady stream of re-targeted ads.

Setting your service apart is vital. That’s why personalized video marketing in B2B isn’t just recommended, it’s vital: 72% of B2B purchasers anticipate customization in the marketing they get.

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Here are just a few of the methods in which you can utilize personalized video marketing tactics for your organisation, and we’ve determined which methods that might work much better for B2B or B2C.

1. Event invitations

When you’re planning your next occasion, whether it’s an online tutorial, webinar, or item launch, we suggest that you think about video personalization.

Why? Personalized invite e-mails have caused an 8x improvement on click-through rates. Marketo garnered a 36% increase in open rates when they used personalized video marketing to invite guests to an occasion.

2. Explainer videos

This might work for both B2B and B2C companies, but it’s a particularly fantastic strategy for B2Bs. An explainer video is an excellent method for a B2B company to talk directly to a potential customer and describe or boil down what makes the B2B’s service stand out. More than that, an explainer video is a tool a B2B organisation can use to show how their service can help.

72% of clients choose a product through video.

3. Case study videos.

A case study is a method to improve your credibility. It’s a blueprint of how you attained success for a previous customer. Yet, the beauty of a case study is that no one reads them and believes, “let’s do what they did” due to the fact that the execution is as important as the technique.

What a good case study does is highlight your company’s strategic frame of mind, and show that you understand how to measure worth.

Case studies can likewise be long and uninteresting. But transforming your tired case study into video is a significant win for your customer.

4. “Thank you” videos

Supporting clients after the purchase is crucial for B2B and B2C organisations. Retention makes sure your customer doesn’t move over to one of your rivals, and content, repeat customers go on to advocate your brand name for some premium, word-of-mouth marketing.

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Let’s face it: Your rivals are most likely doing what you’re doing – cold pitching, offering promotions for new consumers, and other aggressive marketing tactics.

In our experience, touching base with a new consumer just once isn’t enough however we recommend you start with 2 different videos.

The very first video will be a simple thank you video. This is where you can take your new customer’s information (their name, their business, what their company does, how they’ll utilize your service), and automatically publish it into a video design template and send it.

This lets your business show appreciation while treating your brand-new client as a person.

The 2nd video can be more of a training video. Depending upon what you’re offering, there could be numerous levels or tiers of services, or numerous usages for a single product. There can likewise be some confusion on your client’s end on how to best use your product.

Have a series of videos that stroll your new customer through how your service can benefit their company.

5. Facebook ads

Video is becoming more popular across all social networks platforms, however we’re going to concentrate on Facebook.

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Facebook ads are some companies’ bread and butter. That information is an excellent way to know about your existing (or prospective) clients.

Facebook itself has actually experimented with tailored video – end of the year montages and ideas on memories.

6. Email marketing

Adding videos to your email content can boost click rates by up to 300%.

You can capitalize off that amazing click rates by including tailored video in the body of the email.

This can likewise work completely with upselling and cross-selling. Whether you’re offering a service or an item, you can send individualized videos as part of your post-purchase e-mail marketing campaign.

In these emails, your individualized videos (which are automated to reference the customer’s name and the items they acquired) can function as demo videos or tutorials on other items in your brochure.

The benefits are twofold. By adding video to your email you’ll see more click through rates and by adding personalization to the videos you’ll see increased engagement.

How to scale your personalized video marketing efforts

As you grow, you may believe personalization gets harder. However with some integrated procedures and automation, personalized marketing can really be easy (and cost-efficient).

Both Amazon and Netflix are basic examples of personalization done on a large scale. Both platforms are substantial, but when you visit to your account, they feel uniquely small. You see what Amazon and Netflix, from analyzing your information, figure you want to see.

The primary requirement is information. Leveraging data you have can aid in producing marketing automation procedures where your videos are customized.

If you believe you don’t have much information you’re ignoring some easy wins.

Even if all you have is what your client bought, that’s still sufficient information to individualize your video marketing efforts. Now you can send out videos or post videos specifically to customers who already have your item.

Your video won’t begin with a generic intro, it’ll start by affirming that this video is for existing owners of your product. That’s personalization.

When you scale your video marketing efforts, you’ll have more data to utilize, but the procedure is the same.

What about personalized video marketing on a budget?

Yes, video marketing can be costly. It can be extremely costly. If you’re discussing employing a film team, doing takes, getting edits done. You’re talking an investment of, at least, $10,000.

For small companies who are geared to operating on a tight advertisement spending plan, that might appear like a deal-breaker.

But it’s easier to do personalized video marketing with a minimal spending plan than the broader video marketing because you’re leveraging the information you already have to develop a customized video.

Plus, it’s important to remember 66% of video online marketers report getting more competent leads thanks to video, while 88% of video marketers are happy with the ROI from using video in their social networks marketing.

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By developing a customized video, you connect to your target audience quicker and more affordably.

Here are 2 ideas to get you started.

Storyboard your video concept.

No matter if you’re recording the video yourself on your phone (and yes, that’s a legitimate possibility thanks to ever-advancing mobile phone innovation) or working with a film crew. You want to develop your video to pinpoint each frame before anyone hits record.

Avoid live-action video.

Live-action is a little bit more difficult to achieve on a budget because live-action does work well with templates or ready-made graphics. If you’re doing a screencast video or a text video over images, it’s much easier to make video on a budget. Live-action videos, on the other hand, need more edits (more time), much better audio, and can look extremely unskilled if not done right.

Increase engagement with personalized video marketing

We hope you enjoyed this guide on utilizing personalized video marketing in your digital marketing campaigns. Personalized video marketing isn’t reinventing the wheel – it’s just making it more effective.

There really isn’t (so far, at least) an argument versus having a strong video marketing strategy. Personalized video marketing can be laid upon your digital marketing methods to help increase engagement.

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