4 ways to boost video conversions

Videos are the marketing strategy of the future. Providing much better conversion rates than other mediums of advertisements and also having a greater outreach, video marketing is increasing exponentially as brands look to stand out and reach the customers.

One of the highly doubted steps remains that how one goes on to create a video call to action that will have most conversions.

What is a Call to Action?

A call to action is a part of the content that drives the user to click so as to engage in a better way with the brand they are interacting with.

The types of Call to Actions:

1. Free trial technique:

   The free trial method is one of the tried and tested techniques that has worked in the past and has a great chance of working with the customers. Once you are able to get the customers foot in the door, then there are several ways in which you can convert the customers to paying customers. These trials also help the customers get a feel of the service that you are offering. As customers get to know more about the service, they are much more likely to choose to continue with your brand. The service that is available to them also effects this decision, but having a free trial significantly improves the conversion rate.

2. Provide instant value:

   One of the ways to stand out from the rest it to provide some value as soon as the user clicks the CTA. This could be something such as a free eBook related to the services that you provide. You could even add surprise coupons for discounts inside the eBook if you are feeling to experiment a bit. Providing instant value creates a sense of gratification in the customers and thus they are more likely to continue to connect with your brand.

3. The power of curiosity:

  There is nothing better than curiosity to get the users to do some action. You could design your call to action in such a way that it intrigues the user and they cannot refrain from clicking just for the sake of knowing what the content is about. Curiosity can be created by telling the customers just the basic outline of your work and leaving out the details. This step can be improvised by adding an element of urgency wherein the link could be said to expire within the given period of time.

4. Explain the benefits in the Call to Action

  The call to action which has been provided right after the benefits have been explained has a much higher chance of being clicked rather than the ones which are located at random places. Make sure that you add a list of benefits that the user will obtain from your brand when they click on the call to action.

These were a few ways to incorporate call to actions in your videos. You could select the method that best suits your video strategy and incorporate it in your content.

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