How to include video in sales marketing for better result

Why video strategy is important implementation?

Are you publishing good number of videos for your customers to remain in their minds? If the answer is no, then you could struggle with your sale strategy by the end of three years. A video mix with your current sales strategy is now more important than ever, it is no more one of the additional ways of promotions but a necessity to stay alive in business.

As per the latest researches done, study shows that video marketing strategy will account for more than 80% of online traffic inputs by 2022. It also indicates the majority of the content body of website be it the leads, or blogs will be overtaken by video content structure. If you are not willing to move to the change then there is probable chance that you could lose a chunk of your sales to the competitor’s as a result loosing loyal customer base too.

Why the market changed to video consumers?

Many have the question as to how this transition to video in sales strategy has changed so much. The use of smartphones and the high speed internet in today’s time is one of the main reasons behind video consumption by customers. Although it is a boon as businesses can get boosted a lot more than before. Back in the day to create a simple promotional video one needed to invest few thousand dollars to make a successful video but now with the help of just a simple smartphone camera a good quality video can be shot to give the required result to enhance sales.

So let us look at some of ways in which video in sales strategy can help boost conversions:

A video with sales target can influence and get viral more than a sales pitch email. Video with sales related queries is considered to be a personal touch given by the company to their customers. When a sales query is answered by different people of the company then the customers do get the feel of standing as a united front and giving full assistance as a team in time of need.

Identify the budget

If you are thinking that to make proper video you need to have an estimate of few millions then it’s completely wrong. Yes, you can send as much as you want in the production cost, but to serve the exact purpose a video with smart and crisp content shot in any video camera or an iPhone camera will work out.

Plan topics, scripts and viewers

Always list a flowchart of the topics that you need to talk about. While creating the topic always do the important list of points before making video content. Although some of the time it can happen that you will create video you will not require script, but for many you need to have proper script so that you do not lose out on the important topics that you are creating the video for. When choosing characters to be the face of video make sure are not just reading out the script but emoting the heart of company directives in to them.

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