Video email? Is it possible?

Video marketing is the strategy that is currently doing its rounds in the advertising landscape where almost all the brands are looking forward to have a share of the benefits that it provides both in terms of customer loyalty and return on investment.

Email marketing is currently one of the mediums for advertising, the combination of email and video could have much better results for the brands looking to improve their customer base. Currently the top email providers don’t support playing video directly in the email. Here we shall have a look at the ways in which video marketing can be used in combination with email:

Using third party service:

Video can be added to your emails using services such as mail-chimp. The service allows you to add the screenshot of the video and add it to the email. As the user clicks on the screenshot, the original video plays according to the location that it is uploaded onto video hosting platforms .

Use animated GIF’s and PNG videos:

Rather than having to open external links, animated gif’s and PNG’s can be played directly in the email. These videos play as soon as the user opens the email. GIF’s are very helpful to show limited details. These are compressed and also don’t require much bandwidth, thereby allowing playing on even slower connections.

One of the disadvantages of these methods is that none of them support sound. That being said having a GIF or a PNG will most likely have greater impact than having static images.

A combination of two:

Using a combination of video as well as picture improves the customers chances of clicking and playing the video. This can be as simple as having a play animation over an image file. When the customers click, the customers are taken to the original video location where the video can then be played.

These were the ways in which video could be added to your email marketing strategy.

There are also a few things to be kept in mind when adding video marketing to your email:

1.Keep it Professional, don’t use phrases such as ‘click here’.

2.Don’t have very catchy colours such as bright red.

3.Don’t add unnecessary or unrelated video content to the email.

4.Avoid spamming the user with too frequent emails.

5. Have a pattern for the email which goes along with the video that you intend to add along.

These were a few do’s and don’ts to be taken care of when designing a video campaign for emails. Always make sure that the video itself is of the greatest quality. The video should be designed in such a way that it connects with the customer. It is to be kept in mind that the content of the video matters as much ass the way in which it has been told. It is better to have a few great quality videos rather than a large number of videos of average quality.

Go on, create a video marketing strategy with your emails now.

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