How to make videos more mobile friendly to gain more viewers

Video marketing is one of the key ways to take the business of any size and any medium to the next level. With situations of Covid 19 making a dent in the business, it is now more advisable to utilize video marketing. With video marketing there are always authentic, strong and popular stories that are spread from the business channel to the viewers to gain more attention and create an interest in product and services.

With businesses switching more towards online medium for promotions, the graph of mobile video consumption which was already on rise has seen a sudden jump. The viewership has increased by 80% in the last two months. But, to make the best utilization of Video marketing 2020 through mobile there are few things to consider.

Choosing the right topic

Topics for video advertisement are one of the crucial things to consider while promoting. Understanding the marketing trends that are going around and blending the business thought into it is one of the crucial things to do. Stories can be of any type but, knowing story will actually engage customers and have lasting impact is the key. As video has strong convincing power which has both audio and visual medium it can deliver the important message in the most relatable way. At the end of the day it’s all about creativity and providing new and engaging continent on a routine basis.

Choosing a motive

For video marketing and advertisement, only creating videos will not be any good, but creating videos that reaches the desired aims is the one that gives sales/conversions with videos. Choosing the right video content is very important as it will set the aim behind creating a video. It should be remembered that while creating a video, who are the audience for the business, or for whom are the video catering too. After analyzing the demography, then having sound knowledge of the metrics that goes behind analyzing the video is also very important for getting more clicks. Call to action in video needs to done in the correct way to get the right amount of traffic for the website.

Posting of video

As majority of the people are now a days consuming videos on mobile, so knowing when right time to post is ideal. Time plays a very important part in making videos reach more number of audience at a given time.

Square format video

Many may overlook this feature, but if grabbing the mobile viewing population is your target, then square format are way to go. This is recommended, as many social channels where videos are shared, prefer this format. If this is not followed then convert it, but in this process videos often lose their original quality and resolution pixels. So to keep things smooth and still have best quality best is go with square format.

Lastly, keep the videos short with good captions and call to actions. You can try out Easy web video’s lead grabber tool to know more about video marketing types and how to include call to actions for better sales.

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