How to optimize with CTA’s in videos

A great video marketing is the best way to bring about a widespread reach for your brand or product. With all the benefits of video marketing, it is no wonder that video marketing is the most preferred strategy by marketing professionals for brands all over the world. The crucial part of converting the video audience to potential customers is the Call to action which must be present in the video so that the audience know where they have to go to connect with your brand.

Why Call to action?

To describe in simple words a call to action is something that urges the viewer to take action. The CTA could be anything from a link to an image which directs the user to the required location for the better connection with the brand.

Here we shall have a look at how you can make the best use of different types of Call to actions in your video so as to obtain the maximum conversion rate for your video marketing strategy.

Complete video CTA.

This type of CTA has the CTA present from the beginning of the video up until the end of the video. Statistics show that the users are more likely to bounce out from a video, especially in the case of longer format videos. Having the CTA present from the beginning of the video will maker sure that even if the viewer wants to bounce out from the video, they have a choice of connecting with your brand through the CTA.

Suggest another video.

This type of CTA is where instead of providing the viewer a direct link to your website or blog, you provide them with suggestions at the end of the video about your other videos. In the end you are just making the viewers get more interested into your brand and thus making it much easier for them to connect with your brand. This strategy works best if you suggest the similar videos to the audience as they are more likely to be clicked on.

Social Media CTA.

The social media CTA provides the links to the other social media accounts that belong to you. A brands social media presence is very important in todays world. The social media CTA will make the users connect with your brand much easier on different platforms and thus make it easier for you to reach a wider audience on these platforms.

Goodies CTA.

This type of CTA provides links to some free goodies that the customer is more likely to want to try out. This could be anything from a free e-book about the subject you are talking about to a free trail of your product or service. The customers are much more likely to buy a product if they get to try it out and are satisfied with the product. You also get the added benefit of obtaining better feedback directly from the audience.

These were the major types of CTA’s and their benefits. Depending on the marketing strategy of you brand use these to increase your leads.

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