How video helps SAAS companies

With every passing day the social video platforms are reaching new heights in the viewership ratings. We are all consuming videos like we have never done in the past, in this stage the Software as a service (SAAS) companies needs to give more weight age to video content strategy to stay in the top of the competitions. Marketing analysists are of the view that a video content has more impact and more viewers than a written content in business to business.

When it comes to reaching more number of leads in business to business companies video content has more conversions in today’s time. A company with good video marketing plan for the business to business agencies will thrive more success than its other competitions because it reaches more audiences for its interactive capabilities.

Videos have ability in bridging the distance between an email and demo. As videos have the ability to explain in visual way the features of the tools pertaining to various services its ROI is way more. Video comes in various forms but the core advantage of video to succeed lies its informative and engaging capabilities simultaneously.

When planning for the ideal video marketing strategy for a SAAS company one needs to know what the outcome they are targeting for are. As knowing the ideal template for video content and for whom it is targeting will help in getting perfect returns for the company.

  • Know your audience: It is the key to any marketing strategy, likewise it is no different in this case too. Video content needs to aim to a set of audience so chalking out the execution to aim the perfect audience to get maximum audience is the key.
  • Highlight the service and case studies: After making the template for the ideal customers to target, now it is time to know more about the ideal type of video formats to look out. The video types that are mostly most engaging with the customer leads management are demo videos, videos based on reviews, personal customised videos and testimonial type of videos.
  • Platform for videos: Hosting of videos in the correct platform as per requirement is also very essential. Although with the rise of many social video platforms companies many turn to them, but many even consider choosing platform for the hosting the video in professional video hosting platform. Thus, it needs to be decided as per company needs and requirements to meet for catering the customers and reaching more leads at the end of the day.

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