Importance of Listicle videos

Video listicles have an importance in the mind of viewers for a very long time. Though there have been debate about the lack of substance in listicle videos but the crisp and sharp highlights have been always loved by many. The listicle type of videos are here to stay for long time. Customers or viewers grab the format of easily absorbing content on the go as a result marketers need to target short span cold lists for selling before they think it’s obsolete.

Relationship of listicle videos and marketing

As said earlier, listicle videos are quiet old strategy but still creators are using this form of video heavily across social medium platform promotions. They may be termed as cliché but still are effecting video marketing strategy to boost sales and create fresh content. Video listicles can be considered as a variation of videos that can be used to spice up the video marketing strategy with already planned content.

What is the purpose of using listicle videos in video marketing?

There are quite a few strong points to make in favor of listicle videos as to why audiences are pulled towards it and why it should be regarded as an important marketing strategy. This format of videos have grabbed eyeballs for their compact nature. Let us look at some of the highlights to understand the importance listicle video strategy.

  • Viewer’s expectations are met

Listicle videos provides clear mapping to customers. When a viewer sees a list format video they automatically how the video will provide – like there will slides in numerical pattern with short snippets of information’s. This means the viewers are already prepared and there is nothing unexpected waiting for them for which they need to explore more.

  • Information overload is taken care

With enormous amount of data and content available in the online world a person looking for somethings gets overwhelmed most of the time. That is when listicle videos come in to play. With this video format one can easily get the important take for a search through short numerical videos with crisp information without having to browse through many sites.

  • Starts and ends

Unlike many long duration videos listicles are short. Most of the time people can see when it starts and ends. People can drag and check how many seconds are left for the video to wind up. They provide clear beginnings with information and slow sum up at the end with all points covered without taking much time. As a result time efficiency plays a big role in make the videos more clickable.

  • Information identified

Unlike most videos across video platforms where videos give vague idea as to how the content will be passed in listicle videos the information is always know. People who check out the listicle videos on any matter know that there will points on exact topic and there will no bragging of outside information apart from it.

  • Sharing in social platform

If you look at the social medium platforms the type of videos that re mostly shared are listicle videos because of the ease and small compact format. For marketing to sell an idea or product listicle videos will be ideal for these platforms as people clicks these types of videos more.

Thus, it can widely said although listicles are one of the oldest formats and have less attraction material to still for marketers it has proven time and again as a strong marketing strategy .