Marketing Video to Grow Customers and Increase Sales

This is no surprise to anyone: Internet users spend more and more time watching videos online. Many brands are interested in this support. But you must know that this domain, like any other, has its own rules. It’s not about running a video on the web and waiting for the views to increase. As you can imagine, it will take more effort and thought than that. For this purpose, we will talk here about tips to succeed in your video marketing strategy. Thus, you could perhaps be part of the daily screenings of Internet users.

Set a clear goal for your marketing video

Imagine investing time and resources in a video campaign and finally saying, “Was it really a success?” This may sound weird, but it is a very real situation in which you could find yourself if you have not defined objectives and measurement indicators from the start.

Some goal tracks that you could aim for:

  • Do you aim to increase your notoriety? In this case, a high number of views and commitments can be a good indicator of success.
  • Do you aim for more leads? So evaluating who is signing up can be the indicator of success you’re looking for.
    Do you want to retain your users? The churn rate can serve as an indicator.
  • You can have other goals, of course. This list is not exhaustive or mandatory. The key is to define indicators to measure before embarking on the campaign itself.

Find a personal style

Once you have defined your goals, and therefore your metrics, it’s time to think about your style. Video marketing is not only defined by what you say but by the way you say it. You need to find a style, a signature that will immediately identify each new video as one of yours. For example, here are some questions you might ask yourself:

  • What is your tone? Will you be professional and serious? Or do you want to display a mark that breaks the codes?
  • What aesthetic are you aiming for? Do you want a modern and original visual? Or do you have fun animations? You must develop a brand-specific aesthetic that users will recognize
  • What sound effects will you use? In addition to your recorded voice, you will need sound effects. Again, think about the type of sound environment you want to install.

Be concise

When thinking about your video marketing strategy, keep in mind that you do not have to make the next Titanic. You do not want to spend hours filming and editing scenes, and your target audience does not want to watch an endless video. When in doubt, the shortest is the best. Result: the longer the video, the lower the engagement. We can see that for 100% of Internet users who start watching, 60% watch the entire video if it is less than a minute. The number drops to less than 10% for a one-hour video.

Keep in mind that the number of views is not everything

Many marketers are interested in the number of views. After all, it is considered to be the ultimate success indicator. But everything is not so simple. Of course, it is an important indicator. But there are other equally important things to keep in mind:

  • The Dropout Rate: How many people watch the video all the way? At what point in the video do most people leave watching?
  • Number of Shares: The number of people who share your video on social networks indicates how much they find your content relevant.

Views are important, as well as other indicators so always keep other indicators in mind too.

Complete with a Call-to-Action

Finishing on a black fade is perfect for movies, but much less for video marketing. We do not create a landing page without Call-to-action. The same rule applies to videos. Always end your videos with a request from your users. But what action to ask your users? It depends on the objectives and measurement indicators you have chosen. If you want to increase engagement with your brand, you can encourage them to watch more videos, ask them to sign up for your channel, and suggest one or two more videos to watch. If you are aiming for more leads, a Call-to-Action at the end of the video can send them to your sales pages or contact for example.