Never Lose Another Customer to YouTube’s Recommended Videos

We know the value of video. We may not like getting in front of the camera, but there’s no denying how beneficial it is to our direct sales business.

Today’s customers don’t have time to read long blog posts. They want the quick 411 on the product they are looking at. What are the features, benefits, price…and a reason to buy from you versus some other person on YouTube.

But you know what? YouTube makes it hard to convert a sale.


Because right after your video, it recommends 5 other videos that are similar and BAM, your customer can click on someone else’s video and then potentially buy from them. Why? Because nothing directed them to buy from you.

Yes, you added your URL to the video.

Yes, you did the hyperlink to your website in the description.

Yes, you asked them to join your FB group.

But all that requires additional work on the customer’s part. And unless they are close friends and family, it’s highly unlikely they will go through that effort on their own.

Wouldn’t it be great to help them buy from you immediately after the video?

Well, Easy Web Videos has a solution!

It’s really as easy as point and click…

Just watch this quick video to learn how:


…more sales with less work!

…connecting with more leads!

…more potential hostesses who can see how to leverage video to help boost their party sales!

Just follow those simple steps in the video. And, you can try East Web Video FREE for 30 days. Just sign up here (insert unique DS link) to try out this function and many other functions to help you build your direct sales business.

After you build your first video, come back here and let us know what you thought about the system. Don’t worry if you’re not tech savvy – YET! We have easy to follow videos on how to do this on your own and have a great support system.
So hurry and give it a try now! (insert unique DS link again)