Organic video marketing results

Video marketing is the biggest trend in the advertising industry. Whether your brand is launching a new product or it is adding a new feature to a product, or you are starting a new business altogether, video marketing is the go-to strategy to reach a massive base of potential customers. With video creation becoming less expensive and also the impact of smartphones and internet becoming widespread, video marketing is the best strategy for any person who wishes to reach out to a large number of people. Videos create an emotional connection for the people with your brand.

With all this said, let us have a look at the six major ways to boost your organic video results, or as we can say methods of video SEO.

Review the current situation of your video marketing strategy:

The first and most important step in improving your video outreach is to have a good idea of the current situation in which your video marketing strategy is. Review the videos based on the statistics on YouTube and also on google analytics. This will give you a perfect idea of how your video is performing and which type of video is being preferred by the people currently. This, in turn, can help you in deciding what content type you need to create more in the future. Have an analysis done based on the keywords present, to make your video more optimized? Review the videos that are being shown for your expected keywords. This review process will be a time consuming one, but it is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

Recognize the content holes:

This step is a continuation after completion of the first step. After you have done your analysis, find the holes or gaps in the present way of showing out your video to the end users. You may be surprised to find out that people may be using different keywords phrases other than your specified ones in the content, and this hurt your content reach.

Add video wherever you feel it is required:

There have been several instances where a video explanation of your product or service would have done a much better job of showing it out to the customer as compared to the large lines of text content that are provided. It is always a good idea to add or link the video to the web pages which are related to the content in your video. This increases your potential customer base.

Make use of video to improve your SEO:

Videos are a great method to improve your SEO. It has been proven that Google has a specific liking for video content and if your webpage has a video content embedded in it, especially on its landing page, then chances are very high that your webpage appears at a high position in the search results as compared to your non-video containing counterparts.

Add clickable links:

This is a very simple concept, but even then, it does get overlooked. Always make it a point to add a clickable link to your website along with the video. Make it doubly sure that the link is a clickable link and not just your plain URL. People are lazy, and nobody has the time or patience to copy and paste your URL. When you are uploading a new video anywhere, may it be YouTube or on your social media pages, add the relevant links to the content in your website or the main blog so that it drives the traffic. Again, this also improves your potential customer base.

 Outdo your competition:

It is always a good idea to have a look at the video marketing strategy of your competition, that is, if you have any, or if they have any strategy. If both of these options don’t apply to you then, carry on you are going to have a very good time in the market. Having a look at your competition’s content helps you become more aware of their strategy, and this gives you a good idea on what you should concentrate on when you are creating your video marketing content.

Start improving your video outreach today and grow your business.

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