Secrets to making viral videos

This is the era of video marketing, and advertisers are using all sorts of ideas from cartooned characters to emotional content to get their video out there in the hearts of the people and to make it viral. Getting your video viral does have a significant impact on your overall reach to the audience and will also affect your future works. There have been occurrences where two videos which had very similar story-lines were released in similar circumstances, but one of them became viral. There are a few secret ingredients that you can add to your videos to improve the chances of becoming viral.

Let’s spill a few secrets and take a look at what goes in to create a viral video:

Quality over quantity:

This is the most important point to be taken care of while creating videos. The attention spans of people are reducing, and if you create a video that is very long, the chances are high that people will ignore it. It is always a good idea to keep it short and simple. What matters is the content of your video, especially how it begins. If your beginning is boring, people will immediately switch to something that looks much more interesting. Make sure to prioritize quality over quantity. The first 10 seconds of your video is the most important.

The power of connection:

I am pretty sure you might remember the brand whose marketing video made you instantly connect with it. It is such type of videos that make you remember the brands and thereby increasing their customer base. While making your video give importance to the story-line.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Will it connect with me if I am the viewer?

Will a person be willing to share this video?

Does this have the content that I wish to bring out to people?

If you have answered these questions appropriately, then you can go on and work on your video. It is also a good idea to have a look at the comments of the similar videos, to understand what makes the audience connect.

The text matters:

Even if one has taken care of all the above points, there is this last checkbox which has to be ticked to make sure that the video reaches the intended audience. The last thing is to add the correct textual content alongside the video. The appropriate textual content is critical when uploading the video to any platform. The textual content can include the title of the video, the description which is given alongside and hashtags that are to be added to the video or any other metadata.

Textual content is essential as search engines cannot get the details of the content inside the video from its audio or video, the title, description, and the hashtags are what help the search engine crawlers to know about the content and type of the video that you are uploading. This will then assist in showing up the video higher when relevant searches are done. This is very important to bring in new viewers.

These were the top things to take care of if you want to make your video viral. Prioritize quality over quantity, create a connection and make sure that you have the correct textual content. It is also a good idea to have insights about your intended audience and also don’t forget to harness the power of the mobile, make content that is mobile friendly. Go on, make your own viral video now.

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