Social or Viral video which is important?

Ideal video marketing strategy to choose

Video has become more than ever in the last few years. In the event of the popularity of video two terms associated with it keeps surfacing in the minds of video marketers they are namely: Viral and social format of videos. At the present moment video is one such tool that none are able to get their heads out of. Wherever we browse in internet videos seems to there, it has been found in research that Facebook had seen more than 8 million views on a daily basis through videos. If you are in the confusion as to what are the functions of social and viral videos and how they are different then don’t worry, we are here to elaborate on this thought.

What is a viral video marketing plan?

A viral video is actually a much more familiar term to many people than social video. A viral video is not made with sole purpose of interaction. The video on any platform becomes viral through being shared across various social media platforms and also numerous video sharing based websites.  A viral video goes beyond the number of views count.  When a video becomes viral it does not need to be have a certain aim or target to reach out to a target audience the sharing happens organically and matter of the video becomes the viral point.

Highlights on social video planning strategy

A social video has more professional approach towards it. A video which is termed as social video is a digital video made directly to be shared through social platforms and networks. But the difference between social and viral video is social videos are made for promotional purpose with sole purpose of real time engagement with the audience and the service provider.

The success of social video targets around meeting with right viewers for the engagement activity. In viral video it is different their how many times a video is shared makes it termed as success.

Difference between social and viral video

So now let us browse quickly to some of the key differences between the two types of video: social and viral

Attention: A viral video grabs eye balls too quickly and before you even have the time to sink the thought of the video, the video loses its popularity in social platform and websites. While for social video the attention happens gradually and with time the visibility increases.

Social engagement: There is no social engagement required in a viral video, a video becomes viral because it is shared in various platforms, but a social video requires real time social engagement between the customers and you.

Success: There is no code of conduct as to which video will become viral and how the viral video should happen, it has no boundaries, but for social video, the video needs to have an aim and objectivity and messages should  connecting with customers to spread the motive.