Stop Unflattering Video Preview Images

Yes, videos are a great way to build relationships over the internet with potential customers. Yes, they get great engagement and help convert prospects to customers to our direct sales business.

It’s hard enough to get in front of the camera and speak…and record.

But you get it done, upload your video and BAM – the preview picture looks like you’re yelling with your mouth wide open, frantically waving your hands in the air or my personal favorite, the crazy eye roll.


Wouldn’t it be better to upload a picture of yourself with the video title?

Or even include a picture of the item you’ll be highlighting in the video?

Well, Easy Web Video has a super simple solution to do this. Watch this quick video to learn how.

In less than one minute, you can have a customized video preview image that highlights what you want it to.

Want to give it a try FREE?

Click this link (insert custom DS link here) to start your FREE 30 day trial of Easy Web Video. Follow the steps then come back and her and let us know what you thought about the process.

During the 30 day preview, you’ll have full access to all the features. So find some videos and start playing around.

Don’t be afraid to try. We’re here to help you with videos on how to use all the features, plus, we have an excellent customer service team.

What are you waiting for? Don’t you want to be the cool one everyone is asking, “How did you do that? How do you get such professional looking video images?” Plus, the extra views from just having an engaging picture ?

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