The Power of Exit Intent Pop Ups

Conversion based marketing methods to retain customers have come a long way. One such innovation in conversion marketing is the use of an “exit intent pop up ” These pop ups are nothing but overlays in the form of pop ups that helps in re-engaging with the customers who may have otherwise had the plan to exit from the website. Easywebvideo has pioneered the exit intent pop up functionality through their video lead grabber tool.

The exit intent pop up has the power to analyze the behavioral pattern of a customer and assess their browsing across the site. When a viewer is about to exit from a page, the pop up appears with an engaging content, to retain them, and try to make the conversion happen.

Although this marketing strategy of implementing exit intent pop up is not so new, it still has the freshness and can impact the conversion rate of a website. Let us look at some of the powers of this pop up based marketing strategy.

Helps in making a sale while one tries to exit from the site

When a user visits a site, it is critical from a website’s point of view to make a definite highlight related to sales, offers, discounts, social proof, etc. Supposing if a customer overlooks a website content in the initial browsing stage, it could be beneficial that while exiting the site, the offers and stats are highlighted again to convince the customer to retain back on the website.

This is done through the exit intent pop up mechanism in a perfect way. Nowadays, even a video can be added in the pop up format to grab more eyeballs.

Helps in building an email list

When creating a sales funnel, be it service or product based, grabbing an email is a critical segment to plan. Through exit intent pop up, when a visitor is on the verge of exiting from a web page, can fill up a small form by submitting his/her mail id before the exit.

So that in future, all updates and offers are sent to that user’s mail id. This helps a company to gain more customer base list to whom they can cater dedicatedly.

Strong average spending time for the site

Naturally an exit intent strategy also helps in gaining for average spending time for the website. As the visitor has been stopped for a moment while exiting.

Cart abundant rate reduction

The power of an exit intent pop up comes extremely handy when a probable customer who might have almost completed the payment page form in the cart, but by mistake may try to close the website tab, without the purchase.

 During this time, an exit pop up helps in bringing out the notification and prompts the user to finish the purchase.

Other products/service recommendations

While at the time of user leaving a website, through the exit intent technology, the website may also provide related products based offers and discounts to engage more conversion rate.

So, it can be rightly said that the technology of behavioral analysis through an exit intent pop ups is an excellent prospect for customer retention and bringing in more sales for the company.

About Easywebvideo’s Video Lead Grabber :

The video lead grabber tool from easywebvideo has expertise well in the area of Exit Intent Pop Up. You can join and try the exit intent video feature extensively. Grab your leads here.

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