Third Party Ads and Other Video Distractions

Video as a marketing strategy is more prevalent than ever been before. Nowadays, people are using video as a prominent sales pitch communication to spread product and brand information. The majority of the businesses have made the move towards video marketing to have better connectivity with the audience in a stronger way.

Many of us consider popular video sharing platforms to share videos. But in reality, the user base lacks focused interest and the traffic generated on these platforms doesn’t benefit your business. When choosing a platform to promote a business, it is vital to know which video platform will be ideal for your needs.

Many times you’ll find a professional video platforms will serve your needs much better than social video platforms. Easy Web Video Lead Grabber is one such platform.

Reasons to choose a dedicated video platform over a social video platform:

Too many ads distracting the main video– When selecting the platform to promote your business, it is imperative to keep third party ads in mind. Many times even before a video starts playing, there are ads to deal with straight away. The skipping ads button is a real pain in major social video platforms.

Choosing the platform based on the aim and objective– It is essential to analyze minutely, the objectives behind a particular video campaign. If a company is planning to set up a channel of video content for entertainment purposes, then social sharing based popular networks are fine enough. However, if the objective is to gain more business insights and conversions, then professional video platforms are a way to go. They have zero distractions and can spotlight your product and/or brand.

Target audience is important– There are some major social video platforms, where although a large viewership is possible, a majority of the audience are in an smaller age group other than the one you might be targeting based on your niche. So, you need to know which platform is right for your business.

Customization of the video– There are many popular platforms where you can only upload a video and post it. There is no additional customization option on these platforms. But if you are choosing a professional video hosting platform, then there is a lot of room for your customization.

You need to choose a proper hosting platform for videos where there will be a perfect audience and little to fewer video distractions to benefit your business.

Easy Web Video’s Video Lead Grabber Plan give you an amazing set of tools to market your videos without third party ads or branding. With Easy Web Video, the only strategy being marketed is yours.

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