Tips for 4 Video Marketing Strategies

Video marketing is one of the most powerful methods to link to consumers online. Particularly as the world is shifting towards remote interactions, online video provides a lifeline for marketers to engage consumers "face-to-face", reveal worth, and drive more sales online.

Whether you’re a novice or seeking to level up your video marketing skills, this short article will assist you in utilizing video effectively across digital marketing channels.

Advantages of video marketing

Video marketing is extremely efficient for developing individual relationships, driving purchase habits and increasing conversion rates. 51% of marketing experts worldwide say video is the content medium with the best ROI.

59% of executives concur that if both text and video are available on the exact same subject, they are most likely to select video, and 52% of customers state that viewing product videos makes them feel more positive about going on and making a purchase.

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It’s no surprise that the social platform TikTok has the greatest engagement rate of any similar networks or that Zoom jumped from 10 million to 200 million daily active users in just 3 months. Video is the favored method to interact with others. And especially now, in a time when in-person communication is on hold, video marketing is the very best method to connect to consumers online.

Developing your video marketing strategy

When creating your video marketing strategy, it is essential to consider how all of your marketing channels work together as a marketing ecosystem.

You might wish to use the same video on your website, social networks, and email projects, however require tweaks to enhance the video for each channel. Planning ahead will help you develop better, more versatile videos that will ultimately conserve time and resources.

Video landing pages

When a viewer arrives at a page, you literally have seconds to grab their attention and engage them. It comes as no surprise that video not only increases the length of time audiences remain on a page, but increases landing page conversions by 80% or more.

Whether your landing page is for an advertisement, upcoming event, or function, video can help grab attention, show worth, and inspire action.

There are two types of video that are incredibly effective for landing pages:

Product Videos

This type of video demonstrates how your business can solve a problem for potential customers. A good product video will:

  • State the issue.
  • Introduce your solution.
  • Describe why your product is better than alternatives.
  • Clearly state the benefits of your service.
  • Let viewers know how to get started.
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To make a strong product video, you don’t need to spend a ton of cash. While a high-end video is terrific, an explainer video with a sleek screen recording can be every bit as good – and a lot easier to update as time goes on and your product evolves!

Customer Testimonial Videos

In a customer testimonial video, your consumer can state in their own words what their issue was and how your service helped them. Consumer reviews are incredible validations that your solution works!

A consumer testimonial can either be the primary focus of your page or off to the side of the page as supporting evidence. You should try to keep the video succinct and short if the client review is the secondary focus. 30-45 seconds is best for the customer to discuss their problem and share how your product or service resolved it.

Video blogs (Vlogs)

It can be more efficient to reveal than inform when it comes to blog posts. Using video as your marketing content gives you the advantage of developing an individual connection with your target market, while likewise enhancing your SEO.

To ensure you’re benefitting from the complete SEO value of your video and that it’s capable of appearing in video featured snippets in search engines, make sure to add the required code to your blog post and submit an XML sitemap within Google’s Webmaster Tools.

Just like with written blog posts, there are a lots of types and designs that work well. Here are a few staples to start with, however don’t be afraid to experiment with your video marketing strategies!

Product Announcements

Highlight new features with a explainer video showing your product in action. In the video, don’t just show features. Explain:

  • Why you developed the feature
  • How it works
  • How it helps people

Customer Case Studies

A blog can be a terrific location to dive into a customer success story. Unlike the testimonial video on the landing page, you can go in depth here to tell the full story.

When interviewing customers for testimonial videos, ask questions like:

  • What was the original problem?
  • Why did you choose your solution?
  • What success did they have?
  • How do they feel now?

Interviewing Influencers

The blog is also a fantastic place to share information from industry specialists. While “professional” articles can be very excellent at driving engagement, a video article can be much more engaging.

To create the videos, you can either use a service like Zoom or any web conferencing software application to record a live video where you speak with the influencers, or you can request video snippets from your interviewees and embed them in the blog post.

There are benefits to doing it either way. When you record the video live, you can dive much deeper into the discussions and lead the story. When you request video snippets, you can repurpose videos for your content marketing technique and use it throughout e-mail and social media too.

Video marketing and social media

Video marketing is the best medium to engage your target audience on social media. They generate 12 times more shares than text and images combined. And when videos go viral, they go viral. Old Spice Man has become a worldwide phenomenon. This commercial has taken the world by storm with its humor, fast-paced delivery, and brand message and garnered tens of millions of views worldwide.

It’s advisable to adjust your video to each platform while keeping a constant brand identity when it comes to social media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the other platforms each have a their own style.

Video marketing and email

Email, arguably still dominates as the tool which most people use to reach their audience. Practically everyone has an email address, and they check it at least once per day. However, video can maximize email engagement, with a:

  • 200% increase in open rates
  • 300% increase in click-through-rate
  • 190%+ increase in revenue from email campaigns
video embedded in email - tips for video marketing strategies

There are multiple ways to use video to increase email conversions and build personal connections with your audience.

Drive traffic to other video marketing campaigns

Email marketing can be used to drive traffic to other video marketing campaigns. Send out an email with a short GIF preview to your audience’s interest and have them click on it to take them to where you need them to be. We call this a Click Magnet in Easy Web Video.

Amplify newsletters

Personalize newsletters with videos from the CEO, marketer, or key people from your business. These videos are quick and easy to make with just a webcam or phone, and can increase engagement and potential revenue.

Event or webinar notifications

Give an idea of what’s featured for an upcoming event with personal videos in emails. Introduce guest speakers, answer questions, and get attendees hyped up for the day.

Adding videos to email can be complex, not all email clients support it and those that do use different video players. With bulk emails, your best bet is to add a GIF of the video in the email and make sure the call to action links back to your desired URL.

You can use Easy Web Video to do the heavy lifting for you. With Easy Web Video you can create, import or upload your video, customize a video landing page and clickable GIF (to bring readers to your landing page or anywhere), and send the video through your email platform or choice!

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Remember, it’s all still new

Video marketing is still a relatively new concept and the “rules” have not be set in stone yet. A noticeable shift has happened in the ways that people work and consume content and marketers are still devising new and creative ways to engage their audiences every day using video.

This world is still your oyster. What pearls will you find through video marketing.

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