Tips for creating the best Instagram video stories

Instagram has become one of the first choices for brands to advertise. It provides your choices wherein you can use photos, videos or written content. The feature of stories has become another great advantage for the brands. This can be a major game changer if you want to up your Instagram game.  Whether you are a business or are looking to create a personal brand here are a few tips to improve your Instagram stories.

Showcase your work Environment and Event:

One of the best ways to create the Instagram stories is to post the videos of your office events. This brings about two benefits; the employees of your business feel like they are a part of your brand image and the audience gets a first person look at how the brand that they choose works. The events could be anything from a small birthday celebration of an employee to a send-off party. The customers will feel that there exists more transparency in your brand. This will also show that you are not just a brand but have a human side. That helps people to connect better.

Promote your other media:

Instagram stories allow you to have small videos up to 15 seconds in a single story and this could be used to provide the customers a glimpse of your original content such as your new YouTube video or your new blog post. This can help you to drive traffic to your other media outlets. Instagram allows you to add links to the story which can be opened by swiping up. This feature can make the customers aware of your other media accounts or your blog.

Show the latest news about your field of work:

Whether you are a photographer or a multinational software company, this tip ensures that you come across as an up-to-date individual in your field of work. There could be any latest new in the field which you work and that you wish to share with your audience. Stories are the best to go about doing this.

Create Engaging content:

Engaging content means that the audience just does not watch your content but also get to be a part of it. This can be done by conducting surveys, having questionnaires or votes and even by resharing the content of your audience.

Make use of the power of highlights:

When you have a particularly interesting story that you want to keep up for longer than 24 hours, use the highlights feature in your profile. Add the particular story to your highlights and it shall be visible in your profile at all times.

Tell a story or arouse curiosity:

Your Instagram stories could be used to tell stories. This could be done through a combination of images and video. You can also use stories to arouse curiosity about an upcoming product or any event that you are undertaking.

These were a few ways how you can improve your Instagram game by making best us of stories.

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