Top 10 ways to use video to advertise your brand

Video probably plays the most influential part of today’s marketing scenario of a brand. There are various ways you can project a video.

Let us discuss some of the major ones below:

1. Smart optimization of a video thumbnail 

A cover always judges a book, it’s the same for a video. The thumbnail for a video is one of the key selling points to drive visitors to click the video. For example, if a video thumbnail has a positive, smiling face, then it does send a good vibe and act as a smart marketing trick.

2. Giveaway Campaign through Facebook, Twitter 

One of the best ways to promote a brand through video is by doing a campaign like giveaways. People love free stuff, and when a video is made to promote a giveaway of a product in social media, it becomes word of mouth quickly. This helps in spreading shares, likes, awareness and brand name as a whole.

3. Importance of social buttons in a video

For advertising a brand through video, one of the key-ways would be through social button implementation. In the world of social media if a video does not have proper social buttons for sharing in respective platforms, then a video will no way serve the purpose. Social buttons help to make a video spread more and more among people and create more engagement with the brand.

4. Display product or service information

If you have a product or a service for sale, then a video will help the people to get the knowledge, and it boosts sales as a result. An informative video will help people to understand the product better.

5. Adding Life with testimonials 

Although most of the websites are having testimonial in text format, a video testimonial could be the next level in today’s time. A video testimonial for brand earns more loyalty point with interviews and interactive questionnaire sessions.

6. A personal touch in a video 

When visitors are viewing your website, if they get to see a video on the homepage, it adds to the overall appeal. You can show your product features, your office set up, or any other innovation.

7. Combining email marketing with a video gif 

Video and email always have a strong correlation. It has been tested that when the keyword ‘’video’’ is added in an email subject the rate of opening the email increases to 65% from 25%. As per researches, a video added within a mail even reduces unsubscribe rate by 21%. In modern days of email marketing, adding a video gif or thumbnail is a prominent approach, thus it adds more CTR than a still image.

8. Shell out money in paid social media 

Gone are the days when you could only post text or image and would assume it would spread among other social platforms. Now, monetizing a post in the form of a video gets more reach towards the brand and enhance the conversion rate possibility.

9. Video in an event or a webinar

When we hear a speaker in any event, after some time, it could become monotonous, and during that time if a good interactive video is played to highlight the special aspects, it garners more attention from the audience. The same way a live webinar marketing can capture the attention of the prospects.

10. Sharing industry view presentation

You can utilize video to give analysis on industry news, or to highlight a point about your service. This helps in reputation building and PR endeavors.

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