Using Call to action in Videos

Video is now an important part of content marketing, especially with the popularity of social video marketing sky rocketing like never before.  As videos are earning quite a lot of importance, placing CTA’s (call to action) in videos is very crucial. To know the best way to utilize call to action in videos watch the space.

The need of proper utilization of call to action videos is the need of the hour. The Call to action brings in more revenue and conversions for the business. Here are some of the proper ways to utilize CTA’s in video marketing.

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Using Call to action in videos directly

With the increase in viewership of videos in social networks so it is advised that usage of CTA’s in scenes inside the video increase the conversion rate by a lot more. This practice can be specially followed in the opening scenes or in the ending scene of the video. Another way to directly use CTA is through verbal announcements inside video to click on the next scene by doing a certain activity of click or swipe.

Using Annotations

Just like pop ups annotations in videos which social video platform users and internet browsers must be aware of. This is a trend where interactivity can be performed in annotation to make small promising conversions. These are non-regular pop ups in videos or ads in videos , the annotations have bubble type pop ups in the form of letting people know to like a video, comment on a video or watch the next video in the channel.

If you have channel where you promote your videos in social video platform then CTA’s in the form annotations is the perfect way to have better engagement. It helps a viewer to watch all videos from the channel one after another without getting distracted.

Using CTA in the form descriptions

There are occasions when you may feel that a pop up CTA may disturb the tempo of the video. It happens when video has a lot visual elements working for it and adding a pop up CTA can distract the viewer, even to save space you may feel to opt out of end screen credits thus adding opening description based CTA screen adds a lot of attention and sets in the groove.

Make CTA’s device friendly

With more than 50m% of the viewers now use mobile and tablets to view the videos , thus it is very important to know the ideal CTA that work for compact screens. A person viewing a video in mobile will definitely not click a CTA that will prompt them to fill a form, or dial a number, it should be more creative. As video marketing allows CTA in to be more creative thus make CTA’s that tells viewers to perform action by liking the video or sharing in other networks.

Thus to sum up a CTA in video marketing is extremely influential as it helps in converting leads into customers. Choosing the right type of CTA for better prospects is the right way to go forward. So, do not be hesitant in using a CTA tool that are offered by video hosting platforms as they incur a lot of benefits in return.

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