Using Floating or Scrolling Videos to hold viewer attention

What is floating or Scrolling video?

In the age of video marketing getting huge momentum in gearing up the business strategy scrolling videos have become instrumental. Scrolling video is a feature that was popularized in the digital world by the social media giant Facebook. Through this video type users have the power to detach the video from the existing news feed and watch it without getting distracted. Here the video floats in one section as the page gets rolled down.  The trend of using floating videos was first implemented by the Next web. The floating video feature is very similar to picture in picture of Apple. It is a new age dimension to the way people will visualize video. Scrolling videos are often said to be a multi- tasking video mode to view any content.  

Easywebvideo also comes with this unique feature in its video tool. The floating video in easywebvideo helps users to watch the video at the bottom of the homepage without getting distracted. If you are planning to create a video and your sole intention or aim to increase viewership on a particular video of the business then using scrolling videos are ideal.

Scrolling effect video feature can be seen in our Video Lead Grabber tool.

Benefits of using Floating or Scrolling videos

Like any other video mode scrolling videos also have certain type of people who are its biggest audience. In this case, the marketers who want to pay for real views for a particular video rather than for just browsing for few seconds and scrawling to page for other feeds.

Although the primary aim behind using a scrolling video in a website or is to have more visitors and cater them with uninterrupted view, but, many complain that it also causes distraction. The primary reason behind many visitors resent themselves from using this mode of videos is that it automatically starts with high volume audio. So, with tweaking around certain settings in the scrolling video this mode of video marketing can get huge conversions for business.

What a floating or scrolling video must have:

  • A video should be entertaining, informative or educational in nature. If video do not do any of these then a video is not worth the time.
  • A video should be able to grab the attention in the first few seconds. As nobody have plenty of time, thus catching eyeballs in the initial seconds of the video is important.
  • Try as much as you can to opt out sounds from video. A video with less to no sound will serve better as many a times sounds do create issues to visitors.
  • Lastly, be creative with scrolling video content. Content should be created in a way that should have a lasting impact to serve the purpose to make further conversions and sales.

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