Video across marketing funnels- 2020 trends

Choose the right video trend

With the popularity of stories in social media platforms increasing every day, the rise of video consumption is increasing at an alarming fast rate. But, as we all know with the increasing demand of video, you have to know which video trend to choose. Choosing the right video trend to market products/services is now more important than ever.

Few years ago when email was regarded as the next big thing in marketing to get sales conversions, but competition slowly creeped up to make it very stiff . So choosing the right way to promote way through video is very important. As now video marketing is one of crucial factors, and many firms are planning to make a big part of their marketing campaign around videos so ideal video trend for ROI will be beneficial.

Video marketing trends of 2020 to follow

We can actually say, to stay above the competitions it is very important to choose the right video type for better business.

Personalized video: This is one of the type of video that is creating a huge trend in 2020. Many customers have a saying that if a business does not have a personalized video then they do not feel connected. Researchers have found that personalized videos are more direct and have the right solution for the right customer. Thus, personalized video 2020 increases more sales.

Customization of data first step: To some who are still caught up in the previous days of marketing, thinking that one video message can cater to all types of people they are misguided. Gone are the days of one format data approach, now it is customer friendly with geo locations and behavioral analysis management. Videos with better customization as per preferences gets more sales conversions.

Video across marketing funnels- It may seem that how can it done, but it is now a necessity than ever before. There are many firms who are still thinking video as a part but not a boon. It is important for everybody to understand the value of video. So putting across a content in visual media type can be quite task, so it is important to know the exact method to do it. Video integration not in one or two but across all marketing funnels will be a huge bonus. This would help to make marketing process smoother.

As video consumption has increased to more than 82%, so a video in every marketing funnel stage is a requirement. An introduction video, to product description video and finally a support video on how to be a better assist for the product/sales can help to gain trust from the clients. Check out Easy Web Videos’ Attention Grabber to create strong video content for marketing.

Perfect Your Video MArketing

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