Video helps in increasing email efficiency

Video has become one of the most effectively used mode of tool for the marketers to get revenue from businesses. The reason why video marketing is becoming so popular because of the accessibility. WE can do promotions, bring in engagements, boost traffic, and spread the brand name and much more. But, if you think only by creating a good video all the work will be taken care of, then you may in the wrong concept.

Why use email marketing as a technique?

Email marketing is one such tried and tested format, which have been driving brands to engage more their customers. But, the age old text format has now seen its days, a simple embedded video can go a long way in making the email marketing have a successful campaign run.

How video improves email open rates?

 For many years business analysists have tried many tools and strategy to make better result with email efficiency. Finally, with video marketing there is scope to settle all scores and make email marketing a booming strategy once again.

With the use of the word ‘video’ in subject line is great for email marketing. Subject line is one of the most crucial things in email marketing. A good subject of email helps with curiosity around the topic and gets opening rate for the email. While a subject line that is cryptic can always get into unread filter and never see the light of the day.

A video in a subject can increases open rate by a minimum of 13%. The reason for this the attractive appeal behind including a video. Video based email makes people watch out for more like that type of mails.

Embedding a video in email is an ideal strategy to implement to make better click through rate. We have known that email marketing boots CTR to a great extent but, with the changing the time now only a text based email marketing have a lower CTR than an email marketing proposition where a video is included.

 Many businesses are making the use of GIF in emails as this even loads faster. As these are colorful, have information delivered in a creative style thus many clicks the mails and feels there will more in store in mails to come about the brand and its updates.