How to avoid Instagram video marketing mistakes

Instagram has become the go to social media platform and is now expanding its user base from the around 300 million active users currently. The earlier perception of Instagram being only a hangout of the travel and food bloggers is diminishing with all types of users making use of the power of this platform to share and promote their content.

The benefits of video marketing are countless. From being the best way to showcase your business to providing the best return on investment for your advertising bucks, video marketing takes its all.

If you are looking to start out your video marketing on Instagram or if you have started out and want to improve your game, here are few things that you should not do.

The common mistakes you should avoid when doing video marketing on Instagram.

The Sound option:

People do browse through Instagram when they are in public places and if your videos come up, chances are that they will not have their sound on. If your video does not make sense without sound, then they are most probable going to scroll past your video. The first mistake to avoid is to make audio the most important part of your video, make sure that your video makes good sense without the audio too. The tips could include adding subtitles and also relying mostly in the visual cues for the storytelling.

Quality > Quantity:

This is one of the most repeated mistakes being done today. One of the reasons is that people believe that if you don’t post regularly you will miss out on your audience, but the truth is that it is better to post one very good quality video once in a fortnight rather than posting low quality videos every three days. The brand image is what matters. You cannot have a great image if you keep posting videos that have poor content or poor sound quality. Make this a hard and fast rule of your marketing team, quality matters much more than quantity.


You may say that this point invalidates the above paragraph, but wait read on about why consistency does not mean only posting every day. When you are making sure that you are creating quality content for your Instagram, you are also to make sure that you are keeping your profile updated and consistently making something for your audience. This does not mean you have to work on creating your videos every day. Simple steps such as posting good quality stories in your account, posting the recent advancements in your field of work, going live on your events and so on. It is not that you post a video and are not seen for a month. People lose their attentions sooner than you think. When you start an Instagram page, make sure that you are committed to work on it to make it active.

The Content other than the content:

When you create great quality videos, you can tend to have the thought that your work is done after just posting it. But one of the important points to be kept in mind is that your captions and hashtags matter a lot when ranking your videos in the users feed. Spent some time researching the best hashtags that you can use and also write great content that describes what your video aims to showcase, or even better write captions that invoke a sense of mystery and make sure that the audience watch the video.

These were a few important mistakes to avoid in your Instagram video marketing strategy. Other tips include keeping a watch on your insights and having your brand goals in mind when creating your Instagram content.

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