Video SEO is the new branding medium

Video marketing provides a wide range of benefits for a brand looking to improve their customer base. Video marketing can be described as the perfect combination of advertisement and entertainment if done right. There have been many successful video marketing campaigns in the past where the brand behind them got immense publicity due to the video. With the changing digital scenery, video marketing is also undergoing some changes and Video SEO marketing is becoming the next medium for content.

Several studies show major improvements in the consumption of video content, as more people use internet for a higher amount of time, video becomes the go to source of their entertainment.

An interesting statistic to be noted is that the presence of video on the landing pages have the capability to increase the conversions by nearly 80 percent. Here we shall have a look at a few reasons why video SEO marketing is going to be the future:

The Smartphone Era:

Gone are the times when people were required to watch their TV’s or computers to get access to quality video. Smartphones are now capable of playing 4K videos and provide the additional advantage of portability. This means that the users have more choice and can watch their content anywhere they like. This leads to people watching more video content than ever before. This makes creating video content the optimum strategy for brands.

Better Outreach:

Several studies have found that the pages that contain video content have much higher chance of appearing on the first page of Google search results. This means that adding a video to your website’s landing page can improve your potential customer base when somebody searches for a product or service in your field of work.

Easier to create:

Video content is now easier to create than ever before. You can create great quality videos with nothing else other than your smartphone. You are only limited by your creativity. With the advancements in the smartphone cameras and editing tools becoming more user-friendly video content is created easily and also with much better quality.

Easier to share:

Videos are increasingly shared in social media. This means that if the video content that you create connects with the people, they are more likely to share it with their contacts. This can be done through social media apps or through blogs or even through statuses. This leads to more publicity for your brand.

Entertainment factor:

When you choose video content for your marketing strategy, you can have the best of both worlds which means that you can provide entertainment to the viewers and at the same time promote your brand. Video is the best medium for this when compared to other marketing mediums.

These points are all proofs that video SEO marketing will be the next major strategy for any brand. One of the major things that will effect how your marketing strategy will work out is the content in your video, if your video content connects with the people, then you are much more likely to get great results.

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