What should an ideal video tool have?

Video marketing has a greater capability to get conversions for the brands and also to get the potential customers excited about the product or service which they are wishing to market. As all the major brands look for ways to adopt video marketing as their go to strategy for advertising and obtain better conversions.

 Here we shall be having a look at the various features which must be a part of any video tool that will give the user a great deal of options to create the best marketing video that they have in mind.

1.Easy to use user interface

This may seem like a no-brainier, but many users get hesitant to go on and try a new video creating tool if the graphical user interface of the tool looks too complicated. While this will hardly be an issue for the pros who are already aware of all the functionality a regular user most probably will try to switch to other options that look less complicated. This does not mean that the tool must not provide all the required functionalities to the user, this means that the tool must provide the functionalities in a user-friendly manner.

2. The basic functionalities

The basic necessities that are expected from an ideal video tool include the features such as cropping, adding music or sound recordings to the video, abilities to combine videos, support for a wide variety of resolutions and formats, the presence of some basic transitions and so on. These are what help in creating the outline of the video and must be present in a conveniently accessible manner in the tool.

3. Speed altering

The dramatic effects that are provided by having a combination of some slow-motion shots and some high-speed shots are very visually appealing especially in the case of product videos. Having the capabilities to change the speed of a video, be it to make it slower or even play it faster must be present in a good video editing tool.

4. Colour grading and editing

While this functionality is not used as much but the potential of colour grading is huge. Appropriately using colour grading can completely change the look and feel of any video. Colour grading allows to adjust the various basic colours in the movie along with adjusting other factors such as the saturation, contrast, brightness.

5.Export formats

Video marketing requires the presence of a brand in a number of social media platforms. An ideal video editing tool must be able to export the created video to a number of formats such that they can be used across platforms such as Instagram or YouTube. The video could be optimised so as to easily upload to these platforms.

These were the 5 important functionalities that must be present in any video editing tool. These functionalities help the marketer to create the ideal video for their marketing needs. Video being the best choice for advertisers continues to be the medium that provides the best return on investment for a business.