Whose Brand are your Videos Really Marketing

Video marketing is a revolutionary marketing implementation for any business to get success in the present time. If a business uses video as strategy they are seeing minimum 20% more growth in their sales than the business who doesn’t. But choosing the ideal video platform to make your video marketing campaign is a big deal. Many are of the view just making the video with proper content will make the campaign success but that is not case. Choosing the ideal platform can influence your target audience.

Easy Web Video Lead Grabber is one such ideal video marketing platform via which you can literally manage your entire sales video funnel.

Target audience for brands who does video marketing

The most popular video platform to host videos are the social video platforms. The social platforms for videos have huge craze and huge mouth publicity but you need to check who are making them popular. Majority of the videos are viral videos or videos based on some sort of entertainment. So, there is very little scope to make a business idea through video a successful turnover in these platforms

Whereas on the other hand a professional video platform on which a business have total control will get more success. In the professional video platform one knows clearly who are watching and what their needs are.  Here people may not get videos that make viral but videos in these platforms are way more resourceful.

Who gets more revenue from video marketing?

When choosing a social video platform there is not much customisation help. A video comes with ads in banner and in between which ads revenue to that particular video platform. There is a very nominal return for the business who uses this platform.     The business have very little control on what ads they want it play or if it all they want any ads.

In a professional video the work gets done as per the needs of customers. If a business does not want any ads then there are no ads filter. When a business embed a social video platform hosted video in their website the revenue goes to that particular platform for each view. But for professional platform one has full control over what one wants to show.

Related video customisation for video marketing

The related videos in social video platforms is not from the business’s own channel. They show videos based on viewers search query. As a result after a point one starts to view other business channel’s video by making them more popular. A person or business has no control to stop this.

Where as in professional video platform a viewer will only see videos streaming from that company dedicatedly. There is no fear of competition or viewers unsubscribing the channel.  The ending of thumbnail can be designed with related videos lined up. This will make the viewers feel more engaged with company’s interest and works.

Thus, we can say that choosing a platform should be done wisely. The most ideal thought should be whose getting the success of your video marketing strategy.

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