Why video email marketing is important in sales automation

Sales conversion is one of the crucial factors in making a business grow. Sales is a very competitive market and people dealing with it go all out and are on the hunt to find new ways to get more sales for the business. Catering to the problem of how to get more leads to meet deadlines there are new sales automation tools to boost up the process. Among them the newest and one of the most effective tools is a video emails.

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Why is Video email important?

In the other forms of sales automation customers or clients will a get hard time to see real people behind the work, or to get better visual interpretation of the products/services that are on talks. But here in video email strategy the connectivity between the companies and clients/customers is way more close. In video based email strategy for sales automation the trust factor is more as there is more face to face interactions and better efficiency in problem solving ability.

Video embedded emails are time efficient

If you are one who has been thinking although video emails based automation can be better but it takes more time to set up then you are wrong. Setting up face to face meetings with proper presentation and layout is way more time consuming and expensive. In video based email automation one does not need to do even live streaming. A pre-recorded video demonstrating the layouts related to the issues and sending them with a link is more personal and time efficient. Sometimes text based emails do get lost as some words can be misinterpreted or misplaced but with a video email all can be seen and kept for later data research.

For sales done though physical interactions after a lead is done requires cold calling through phones, but in video sales automation an embedded link to a targeted product website will do all the needful.

Let us look at some of the ways a video email is better than other automation techniques

Video cold reach

With every passing getting conversions through emails have become harder. Majority of the times email with selling strategy gets unopened or unnoticed. But it is different when a video is embedded in an email for the selling purpose. The emails with video have a good open rate and if the subject is customized with properly mentioning that a video is added it is more successful.

Video automated response

To simply type manually responses for each query it is time consuming as a result the productivity also falls. Thus creating a good video based response once and then personalizing it with names and sending them is a way more intimate and customers or clients feel special and connected. It even shows how the companies are valuing their clients individually as a result trust also builds.

Alerts/reminders and appointments

To set up a meeting or to put reminders about certain offers and discounts if a GIF animated video embedded is done in email it becomes successful. People love visuals, and with video format companies can play around to create more interesting creative ways to make it more attractive.

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