Why you want to create a video that captures your leads

Now a day’s visitors are longing for loyalty than the buying factor. Thus, marketers also need to revamp their lead management strategy to fit in with the theme of today’s consumer nature. For B2B marketers, lead management is the need of the hour. It is what the business owners live, breathe and sleep by; but whether a video, plays a significant part for most business owner?

Video is one of the prime factors around which the new lead generation strategy works. An excellent informative video which is placed within a perfect landing page, with a proper CTA, will garner better contacts.

Let us check out some of the crucial points of getting leads via a video:

Need to create a video for a landing page

Landing pages are targeted for conversions, but before that, it needs to create engagement. A video on a landing page creates a stir among visitors. According to essential researches, it has been found that a video has 12 times more strength in connecting with the audience than a creative text format.

The best type of video to capture leads for landing pages is promotional videos with a strong call to action. A CTA at the end of the video indicates that the viewers will need to perform another step of action to connect with the brand.

An auto redirect command in a video is also great, as it helps viewers to go to certain sections in a page where more product/sale info is given.

How explainer & webinar videos help in a lead conversion

An explainer or a webinar type video (live or evergreen automation) is already rich with information so it can be used as the primary lead engagement. These type of videos can quickly bring in more leads through the integrating of email gates and form fill up inside the video. In these type of videos, users after a point need to perform a micro-engagement (midway) to get the remaining piece of the video which could potentially result in more leads.

Even teasers of upcoming webinars or videos can be shown and asked to fill up the form.

How interactive products videos help in generating targeted leads

An interactive form of videos is one of the most common ways to get targeted leads. However, we are not highlighting here the usual product explainer videos, but a quickie sales driven based interactive video which often does a miracle right away. Creating a survey or a feedback based video with more interactive levels will do the tricks here. There are many ways to get the data, rather than getting the usual name, address and email details; these videos can be integrated with polls and frequently asked questions on the desired niche. This will drive more information and prospective reach about the product or service. Hence, as a result, it will help in sharpening the knowledge about the customer desires.

Thus, these are some of the important ways of how a video can garner more leads and can be communicated further.

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