Cutting edge features that will increase your sales, conversions, traffic, branding, engagement and overall success.

Show Your Video On Any Site & Any Device

Post & Embed

Position your videos anywhere you need. Embed them on any site, include them on WordPress Posts or even on eBay. Create dedicated landing pages, even create email teasers directing people to your latest video.​

View Anywhere

Make sure your video is seen clearly on any device, whether it be computer, tablet or mobile. Responsive design ensures your player and page looks beautiful wherever it’s seen.

Flexible Options

Choose any dimensions for your video playback. Setup a playlist, so that multiple videos can be seen in sequence. Plus, if you prefer not to embed, you have your video open and playback in a lightbox or via a hover overlay.

Create The Perfect Video & Player

Brand Control

Create a fully branded experience by customizing the colors of your player – including displaying your logo on the video player or embedding it as a watermark. You can also add your own pre- or post- videos to give an extra brand boost, or cross-promotion.

Edit On The Fly

Don’t worry about last minute edits. You can trim sections from your video timeline with ease directly inside the interface. No more swapping back and forth. Great for cutting out small sections you don’t need, without re-uploading.

Related To You

Don't let your competition hijack your carefully crafted message. You can control what related videos appear at the end of your video, or whether to have any at all. No more losing customers to other distractions.

Powerful Marketing Features In Easy Reach

Calls To Action

Whether is simple Text & Image Labels, Buttons, more interactive Buttons or Email Forms, eye-catching Delayed Events & Pop Ups triggering at a time of your choosing, or an enticing Exit Pop Up, you have a wide choice of features to get your viewers clicking.

Set Triggers

Make sure your viewers get the message at the right moment with Easy Web Video's triggering options. From autoplaying video, through delayed event triggers, to timed and exit intent pop-up videos, you can ensure everything is timed down to the second.

Social Hooks

Have you viewers laud your praises. Let them easily share your video on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Make it obligatory if you want, with our Facebook Gateway. The only way your viewer can get to the best part is by sharing it on their timeline.

Expand And Engage Your Audience

Track Views

There's no point in throwing up videos and leaving it to Fate. Get useful feedback on your videos' views, the really hot spots that viewers watch again and again, and the not so hot spots. Then use that information to craft a even better message that sends your brand viral.

The Tools For The Job

Need a call to action to pop up outside the video player at a given time? We've a tool for that. Want to grab a potential customer's attention before they leave your site? We've a tool for that. Want to prevent your video playing further until you obtain your viewer's email information or until they share your video on their Facebook timeline? Yup, you've guessed it.

Conversion Tool

Whether it's creating videos, posting videos to Facebook, including video email forms, embedding your video in email, cultivating your brand or more, Easy Web Video features will turn your viewers into customers. So click the button below to try our FREE Trial today.