From the team that brought you Easy Web Video...

FINALLY! A Video Player That INCLUDES Web-Based Video Creation and a Marketing Tool Suite... Go From No Video to Video Hero in MINUTES!

Is Your Marketing Strategy Stuck?

Many business owners procrastinate making promotional videos. Because…

they get stuck on “What Do I Say?”

they get stuck on “How Do I Do It!”

they get stuck because they think it’s “Too Much To Learn”

they get stuck on “It’s too expensive…”

Easy Web Video Generator
solves all these problems for you.

Incredible Web-Based Video Player and Marketing Platform Comes Packed With


63 Easy, Done for You Script Templates. No more wondering what your voiceover will say.


Step by step instructions with helpful video tutorials - get it done in as little as 6 minutes 32 seconds.


Nothing to "Learn". Just dive in to our intuitive app interace and get producing videos right away.


Our responsive help desk is waiting to help if you need it. You probably won't need us though...


For a limited time - get a low, one-time price and avoid monthly recurring payments.


You're covered by our 100% money back guarantee! You literally have nothing to lose by trying us out!

So now you’re un-stuck and out of excuses.

Look: If you’ve been delaying making promotional videos for your small to medium size business, it’s not your fault. Yet while you procrastinate, other businesses are chasing your customers -- with video.

So don’t let “getting stuck” on copywriting and tech questions hold your business back from success.

This web-based software is a no-brainer to use. Now, most of us have fallen for the “It’s so simple, it’s a no-brainer to use” pitch before… Only to find out --> “Ooops, did we mention you have to know programming, code, editing, lighting, copywriting, bomb deactivation, and tons of other stuff?”

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Remember, we’re the people who brought you
Easy Web Video Player…

Take a look at exactly how easy it is to use

Here's what you get with Easy Web Video Generator


63 Templates include script outlines---> So you don’t get “stuck” on what to say!

100's of Images

Click a button and search thousands of royalty-free images at your fingertips!

Super Speed

Create your videos with lightning speed! Faster than anything else out there!


Sleek, professional looking videos. Stand out from the crowd, and get your message across clearly.

Exclusive Price

Never been seen before at this price. Your chance to avoid monthly fees with a one-time payment.

Super Simple

So simple, no user manual needed! Video tutorial are there is you want them though!

Circular Player

Display a round video player! This is a game-changer. The human eye prefers round features.**

Flexible Options

Choose player shape, style, size, color, controls, redirects, social media sharing and more!

No Software

Don't clog up your computer's resources, our app is all web-based for the easiest experience.

No Learning

There are no steep learning curves here. No time wasted mastering features you never use. Just dive in!

No Editing

Using our smart templates, you avoid the need to edit your videos at all! Saving untold time and effort.

No Hiring

You don't need to resort to hiring expensive producers to create your videos. Do it minutes!

No Geek Required!

We promise. Anyone can jump in and start producing videos straight away. No jargon, no fuss.


We have a responsive and expert help desk. Ask us anything - we're here to help you!

Peace of Mind

You have nothing to lose, when you're covered by our 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Dip into our huge range of templates

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5 extra video creation credits.

Get a head start on your video collection with these credits for an additional five video creations.

Public Price: $47.00 /month

Easy Web Video Generator is YOURS today, for a low, ONE-TIME price. Get it now because after the launch Easy Web Video Generator will be available for a monthly subscription price of $47

Get Easy Web Video Generator TODAY and you enjoy lifetime access and customer service for a low one time price!

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YES, I want easy, seamless video creation!


$ 27 One-Time!
  • Basic Player Options (Color, Style & Size)
  • Playlist Creation
  • Ability to Create Video Web Page Easily
  • No Video Creation
Easy Web Video Generator Pro



$ 47 One-Time!
  • All the features from the Professional Package
  • PLUS! Create Video Link/Labels
  • PLUS! Post to Facebook
  • PLUS! Circular Player (GAME CHANGER!)
  • PLUS! Video Analytics
  • PLUS! 20 Video Creation Credits
Easy Web Video Generator Epic

Price Of Epic Goes Up In Only...

Take advantage of super-low introductory launch event pricing, AND you also get these amazing bonuses - at no charge - when you get Easy Web Video Generator TODAY!

What are some alternate ways to create web videos?

EWV Generator



  • 5-10 Minutes To Make a Video
  • Super Easy Templates
  • Professional Web Publishing
  • No YouTube Required

Alternative #1


per month

  • Hours/Days To Create a Video
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • No Web Publishing
  • YouTube Required

Alternative #2

$2000 - $6000

outsourcing fee

  • 1-3 Months Turnaround
  • Simple. Video Made For You
  • No Web Publishing
  • YouTube Required

Alternative #3


per year

  • Hours/Days To Create a Video
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • No Web Publishing
  • YouTube Required


Sure you might have some questions, and we're happy to answer them for you here.

Sure can. Just record it as an mp3 file and upload it to the system.

Sure does. Thousands of royalty-free searchable images at your disposal to use for your commercial videos.

Depends on the template. Some are short and you can have you video done with only 5 minutes of work on your part. But if you want to spend an hour looking for some images that best suit what you’re trying to do it could take that long.

With the initial offer, 20. You can always upgrade later if you want to create more than that. There is no monthly fee to keep them in your Easy Web Video account. Once they are created they are yours to keep.

You get to “own” the video, meaning you control the player shape, style, size, color, what happens at the start (autoplay or not), what happens at the end (redirect somewhere or not), and add social media sharing buttons for easy sharing.

You can do all of this with this one-time purchase. If you want more features those are always available, but they are not required in any way.

Absolutely. The videos will embed right inside any web page, including blog platforms like WordPress.

You receive top of the line service via our help desk.

Take a look at what others have been saying about Easy Web Video products!

Dean Foster

GREAT PRODUCT at a GREAT PRICE. I do real estate property videos. I am able to use the product and ditch being at the mercy of YOUTUBE. I am impressed with many features of EASY WEB VIDEO. 1-Easy embed code 2-Easy to get Video Stats 3-SUPPORT. The support staff is very quick to respond to a service ticket. 4-The user skins 5-Training videos 6-Video Email....PLUS it is very easy to use. There are many more features and options that i have not had the opportunity to try yet. Overall a Great Value. Highly Recommended!

Char Ferguson

Did you ever have a product that just kept on giving you idea after idea? Probably not, until we purchased EWV, neither had we. This is the only purchase that we have ever made that does 100 times more than imagined. We implement this for short training videos for our techs, client interviews for testimonials, email campaigns, birthday, thank you & anniversary video cards for clients and family, plus the list includes all the "normal applications" too. Not only does this work for anything you can imagine, the EWV team product updates are cutting-edge and always worth the wait. (Which by the way is nothing compared to other products we have that promise and NEVER deliver). This is the one purchase whose ROI was met the first time we used it. If you make videos, or are thinking about making videos, then you must have this! It is easy to use, and their tutorial video library has everything in it. There is nothing like it, nothing better.

Robson Domingos

Listen folks! I like to speak from the heart, and I must say that EWV is the best innovated product for the Online and offline Marketer today. I use this awesome valuable product for my Business as an end-user and customer and I am satisfied. Shawn and his team is a top notch straight shooter who really does what he promises, look at all the improvements that were and still being done. It is simple to use and very high quality features that you can use on your videos, (no wonder they said NO GEEK REQUIRED!!!) all my work flow is meet and if there is a problem, their support system is right there to assist you. I do encourage you to promote this product to your friends and family. EWV rock's and I will support and deal with them for many years to come. Thanks Shawn and the Team, great job!

Steve Haase

Easy Web Video is the best video player on the market IMO. I have been using it for 2 years and it is my Swiss Army Knife for video. It's not your typical Internet Marketer thrown together crap software product. It's a mature, high quality, well designed and intuitive software. I think I've only watched one training video and have been able to run with it from there, lol. Any business that uses or wants to use video to help sell their products / services would benefit tremendously by using this product. It's also a heck of a lot of fun just to play with too.

Ivan Heckscher

I have used several products over the years to accomplish the different project I was working on only to find that I was wasting my money on gimmicks that was limited in use and with no support when I needed it. Making another purchase such as Easy Web Video was far from a financial stretch and what I found was gems after gems within with more new features constantly being added. I still have several things that need to be explored from within the EWV. The possibilities with product seems endless and the support is listed in my book as the best. These guys truly cares for all of us and without our support such as telling a friend is the least we can do and I am so looking forward to new features that constantly are being added to an already great product. Thank you to all of you that are helping us to work with the best.

Linda Fehl

Seldom does one product come along that covers so many facets of over-the-top satisfaction to the end-user...the customer. I have unsubscribed to a host of one-trick-pony products now that I have EWV. Then when least expected, Shawn comes out with something else new and amazing. All my production needs are continually met in this one-stop-shopping product called Easy Web Video. I am completely happy with this purchase.

Rick Bryce

Just purchased a lifetime of Easy Web Video after Shawn did his excellent presentation on all the features and benefits of this excellent product. The support has been the best I've experienced in years and I have no regrets in my decision. So easy to use the product and they stand behind what they say! My hats off to you guys for a wonderful product and great support. You can't go wrong with Shawn and EasyWebVideo!

Eric Miller

I've been with EasyWeb Video from the begining and have experienced the best customer service on the planet. As I watched EWV grow, it became more than just a place to upload videos, it was a place to make a functional web page, then when EWV added the ability to add social media links onto your video and have it direct the end to another page complete the suite into a very powerful tool... better than any other service of this kind. Now, I can track my videos and keep them private. This list of benefits keeps getting larger, at this time it works very smooth without glitches and I cannot think of another addition they could come up with to make EWV any better. I consider EWV the TOP service for all my video needs.

Bob Horn

I love EWV! Excellent product with a multitude of uses for marketing and sharing your online videos to promote your business.. The online technical support for EWV is second to none. Plus, they keep adding new features and capabilities which enhance my message and expands my mailing list of satisfied customers and new prospects. Life is good!

John Rodriguez

being online for 9 years this has to be the most powerful that I have seen, because it works. my optin rate has sky rocketed. I have never in my years online seen this before thanks for the system and thanks for helping me grow my team,,