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  • Unlimited* Storage
  • 200GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Over 50 Video Marketing Features (see below)

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  • Unlimited* Storage
  • 200GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • Over 50 Video Marketing Features (see below)
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Easy Web Video Features

Easy Web Video Features
Upload Videos
Upload via Drag & Drop
Upload via Folder/File Selection
Customizable Video Player
Customizable Colour Palette
Video Player Branding
Show/Hide Logo on Video Player
Customize Video Player Logo
Show/Hide Embed Code Sharing
Show/Hide Social Media Sharing
Show/Hide Video Controls during Playback
Video Branding
Set branding per video or across all videos
Set Video Thumbnail from Screen Frame
Upload Image as Video Thumbnail
Add a Video Watermark
Add Text-Based CTAs to Videos
Add Image-Based CTAs to Videos
Email Click Magnet
(Video in Email)
Create an Animated GIF from Uploaded Video
Create an Animated GIF from YouTube Video
Video Playback
Set Start Action for Video
Set Stop Action for Video
Resize Video
Maintain Aspect Ratio during Resizing
Create Video Playlists
Video Pop Out
Set Intro Video
Set Outro Video
Set Related Videos
Trim Video
Post to almost any Platform
Embed Codes for almost any scenario
Post to Facebook (from within your account)
Post to eBay (from within your account)
Post to WordPress (from within your account)
Post to YouTube (from within your account)
Lead Generation Tools
Add an Email Gateway into Your Video
Add a Facebook Gateway
Exit Intent Popup Video
Redirection Tools
Set Redirect URL at End of Video Playback
Set Redirect URL on Video Player Logo
Set Redirect URL on Watermark
Video Analytics
Enable Video Analytics
Add Tracking Codes to Video
Video Security
Authorize which sites can play your videos
Features Unique to
Easy Web Video
Video in Email with Email Click Magnet Video Email Optin Form
Market on ANY site with Hover Video
Create Video Web Page
Create External Timed Events with Delayed Events
And More …
Even more features are waiting for you

* Unlimited Storage in accordance with our Terms of Use.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you want priority support, tons more features (see above), such as video in email, player customization, or branding options, you’ll want to join Easy Web Video. And unlike “free” platforms, we never put our branding, or other people’s ads before, during, or after your videos.

Yes, our subscriptions are risk-free. You’ll get a full refund if you decide to cancel anytime within the first 30 days of your subscription. No questions asked.

No, never. Easy Web Video will never disrupt your videos with in-video ads. We don’t even want our brand on the video player, which is why we give you the option of putting yours there in its place.

We mean unlimited within reason.  Unless you plan to store the Library of Congress’ complete works on video in your account, we don’t think you’ll ever be in any danger of getting close to hitting any storage limit. If you ever do, contact us to purchase more, and we happily accommodate your needs (after we recover from fainting).

Sure, as long as doing so does not violate our Term of Use, and you’re legally entitled to promote or display that content, your account is yours to upload whatever videos you like.

* Unlimited Storage in accordance with our Terms of Use.

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