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Email Click Magnet v2.0



It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3.

So easy to create, it takes just minutes to make these. You'll soon be adding engaging animations to all of your emails to increase click-throughs tremendously!

  • 1

    Choose Video or Text

    Take your source from a choice of easy methods. Import an existing YouTube video, upload your own video or create a slideshow.

  • 2

    Customize It

    You can add "mimics" if it's a video click magnet, to make it look more like a video (animated progress bar, animated timer), or you can loop it to play over and over again. And if it's a text-based email click magnet, you actually make your slides right here (demo below).

  • 3


    Once it looks the way you want it, simply copy and paste to add it to any email program. Works with any email program and will play automatically in your recipients' inbox, with nothing to download and no attachment!


As you can see, the results are fantastic!
It's like having REAL VIDEO in your emails...

Video Teaser

A real snippet of video, with pre-loader and video playback & buffer bar mockup.

Looping Video

Select any length and loop the video to play continuously, with or without "player controls".

Calls To Action

Promote click-throughs with text instructions layered on top of the video.


Create slideshows right within the online interface with your choice of text, images, colors, and typing speed.

The above examples show just a fraction of all of the features that are at your disposal with Email Click Magnet v2.0. In addition to what is shown in the examples:

  • Looping

    You can set the animation to loop (as is shown) or turn the looping off.

  • Pre-loader

    You can set it to show a pre-load or buffer bar and only animate that.

  • Play Button

    You can show a play button at the end of the animation.

  • Size Options

    You can change the size (smaller is better for email).

  • Send With Anything.

    You can send these with any email program (including auto-responders).

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Email Click Magnet v2.0




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Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100336
Artist: http://incompetech.com/

** some Outlook email clients may not show the animations by default, as this may be a user security setting.