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How Video analytics is used in Data growth

How Video analytics is used in Data growth

The video analytics market has seen a very high rate of growth in the last few years. This growth can be attributed to two main reasons – The improvements in the big data analytics systems and the massive increase in the amount of data that is being generated and is available to be analysed. The […]

Expectations on Social Video Marketing

Social Video Marketing

Video marketing is the top marketing choice out there for anybody who wishes to harness the infinite power of social media. It has been a slightly tough time for social media marketing in the previous years due to the revelation of some false metrics that were being used in some social media platforms. This also […]

How Video marketing Boosts restaurants

How Video marketing Boosts restaurants

What is the second-best marketing strategy for a restaurant, which follows the first strategy of preparing great food – preparing videos. Video marketing helps restaurants improve their customer base to a large extent because we believe what we see. Video marketing being the advertising strategy that provides the best returns on your investment, must be […]

Top 8 Importance of video editing tools

video editing tools and its imp

Video marketing is the best advertising trend, be it for your personal brand or for your business. It provides the best return on your investment and with the development in technology, it is also becoming very cheap to create good quality videos. If you are planning to create a quality video campaign, you are likely […]

Top 10 ways to use video to advertise your brand

Top 10 ways to use video to advertise your brand

Video probably plays the most influential part of today’s marketing scenario of a brand. There are various ways you can project a video. Let us discuss some of the major ones below: 1. Smart optimization of a video thumbnail  A cover always judges a book, it’s the same for a video. The thumbnail for a […]

Secrets to making viral videos

secret of viral videos

This is the era of video marketing, and advertisers are using all sorts of ideas from cartooned characters to emotional content to get their video out there in the hearts of the people and to make it viral. Getting your video viral does have a significant impact on your overall reach to the audience and […]

Why you want to create a video that captures your leads

capturing video leads

Now a day’s visitors are longing for loyalty than the buying factor. Thus, marketers also need to revamp their lead management strategy to fit in with the theme of today’s consumer nature. For B2B marketers, lead management is the need of the hour. It is what the business owners live, breathe and sleep by; but […]

The Video Equipment you Need, Based on Your Budget

Choosing the right video gear can be an overwhelming task. Not just because there are so many different options, but because it is hard to know which piece of equipment is worth spending money on. Add on to that taking into consideration all the different styles of video you could be creating– there’s a lot to of gear to wade through.

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