Why Marketers Should Integrate Call to Action Email Strategy

Why emails marketing campaigns fail?

If you are clueless about why your email marketing campaign is not working the way it should then we may have the answer. Many business firms even after writing a good email marketing copy with good subject line do not get the success they want. This is because the call to action used in email marketing strategy are not getting the right driving conversion.

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What is the importance of call to action?

So, only writing a catchy and simple sales copy for email marketing is not enough, a good knowledge of call to action in emails is equally important to make the copy turn into sales conversions for products and services.

When a reader has gone through the content in an email body and has the knowledge of what is there in store, will actually drive more in to click on the button to see what’s more there to discover. Thus, call to actions come in as a very handy marketing strategy to implement smartly. Now a days a video call to action have also become a new phenomenon. A video call to action where certain actions are required to perform to get more information is one of the key ways to drive in more sales.

Many marketing analysts are of the view that the people who actually click on call to cation are more trustworthy and loyal customer base for the company. So, guiding them and giving them extra attention to them is a way to build a strong bond with customers.

There are many ways a video call to action can give the attention to the customers:

A personalized video: These are type of call to action where one of the members of the company greets the contact from email and guides the contact to click on a certain link to get in-depth know how that are exclusive only to certain group of people.

 Video call to action to subscribe: There are many a times, when some people get an email they read it, and forget thus to make the email more entertaining, an animated video explaining them to click on a button to be a subscriber to get first hand notice to special deals is one of the enticing ways to get more conversions for company.

Videos highlighting discounts: This is a very new practice adopted by the e-commerce websites now a days. Where they instead of writing in mails of which products they have discount they make it a short and crispy videos with transitions showing the brands or popular products that have price drop or getting sold too fast. Thus it triggers the customers’ minds and they click and go to product links and make their purchase.

So, we can sum up that, a call to cation is the need of the hour, and if the call to action is a video based then it can spread more and provide more sales to companies. 

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