How B2B companies can generate leads through video marketing strategy

Video marketing is the call of the hour. It’s no longer a new marketing strategy for implementation. Numerous studies show that by 2022, almost 80% of all internet traffic will be video. There have been claims that in today’s world, viewers watch more than 90 minutes of videos across various platforms each day. To add to this, videos from well-known brand companies are getting more and more viewership.

But, if you are thinking of putting up a simple video, which might attract a large viewer base and generate leads, then you need to ensure you’re focussing on the right kind of video strategy. A sales video planning strategy will create more leads than a standard video. When creating a video for a B2B prospect, the optimal goal is to have more leads through the video and to reap long term benefits and associations through it.

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B2B video marketing planning helps in various ways like:

  • A video marketing campaign helps in creating the bond between the different levels of a company, to come together and understand the efforts behind the execution of a strategy.
  • Video content helps shed light on the high and mid-level sales funnel. It helps to structure the landing page, and its sales funnel architecture.
  • As video is a visual medium, it creates more memories, grabs more attention, and as a result serves a bigger purpose holistically.
  • An optimized B2B video will attract large numbers of traffic. If a B2B video is shared on various video-sharing platforms, it can garner huge leads through the native user base and internal search optimization.

Finally, to make a mark in video marketing and get leads, we need to:

  • Optimize video with niche and trendy search terms. This helps in getting to the top position, and hence, the search visibility increases, and as a result of this action, there will be more leads generated through videos.
  • A product or service-based video, when made for marketing, must have all bases covered. A good explainer based marketing video where a problem is discussed and a solution derived attracts more customers.
  • Try to create a video that does not jump to the point but speaks a bit about the issues surrounding it. It helps in creating the build-up and creating more engagement in the video.
  • If video marketing is a strategy you are planning to integrate for getting leads, then post videos regularly to stay in touch with the customer base and always notify the subscribers about the development of your product or service.

A B2B company can create lead generation videos from time to time, as per the situation to get the momentum flowing.

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