How Millennials Consume Videos in Your Landing Pages

Landing pages with videos are one of the most primitive ways of selling concepts. With too much of content scattered around the internet, there has been a depreciation in the value of a content selling for a particular brand, or a product at a given time. As a result, visual content through video has become a new age phenomenon among the millennials. As per reports, 70% of online visitors consume video contents on a weekly basis, across various video platforms.

With competition for content marketing reaching the rim of the bucket, click through rate is seeing a doomsday for many. But, to spice up the old wine in a new bottle, visual video content can be the answer. It has been tracked that by 2021, the consumers for video viewing will reach above 80% all across.

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Suppose if you are a new start-up, and you have a website, visitors may not figure out what is the core shout of the brand, and eventually, they leave your site without spending much browsing time.  How Millennials Consume Videos in Your Landing Pages

A landing page of a website is one of the key funnel points. It always has a breakeven point. So if too much technical write-up about the product/service is pouring in, then many users could fail to get what the result will be. Thus, creating an explainer video in the landing page funnel could boost your sales by almost around 20%.

Whenever a video is featured in the landing page, the conversion prospect is a way more promising as visitors have a clear roadmap to what they can expect here.

When creating a product and selling it on a website, one must take into notice that the information about the product/service is not the key to sales, but how to use the product is the main selling point. If the customers visiting your website cannot derive what the product is all about then, they might never come back to your website.

It should always be remembered that the problem and the solution should be crisp and to the point to create a lasting impact. A landing page with a high volume of text ratio could ultimately become boring and lame to visitors who need visuals to get a clear path of action.

Why you need a video to break the ice?

A Video is a powerful visual medium which can easily whisk away complications and present an interesting concept for the product. For instance, creating a one minute video is one of the current trends for the conversion. The one-minute video concept can spread a much more robust awareness among the audience. The video format of creating an illustrative content lets the viewers digest them on a different level. Videos have the power of impacting the strong CTA. Further with CTA, visitors get drawn to click, and the actual process takes place.

To sum up, video consumption results in viral sales, so without wasting much time jump into the latest video strategy for your product.