Video Conversion Needs Explainer Story Not Sales Pitch to Drive Customers

Too much of forced publicity are cluttering around, which drives the customers annoyed and disturbed. When viewers come to watch a video content from a related source, direct sales pitch on the face could drive them crazy, and ultimately they lose their focus and switches to a different site or platform. The main aim behind creating a video, for any product, should be to tell a creative story of that item and not to bring some individual who forcibly snatches away the main moto. It should always be remembered just like a visual content marketing. A good explainer video story will always be more prospective than a forced sales video.

Emotion is key but

Using the emotive in the video to engage with customers, is one of the vital points to bring more traffic to your video. A video is a visual medium of marketing where one needs to connect with desires, wants and hidden agendas. In this way, the connection becomes more personal, but there is always a thin line of whether a story will convert into leads or not? There is an answer for this too; one can always place a “call to action” into their video, in a smart strategic way, along with a tracking URL to make the story complete with all the much-needed information, and finally to turn a prospective visitor into a lead/conversion.

Impression in the first 10 seconds

As per the latest research, many analysists feel that the make or break point of a video to be watched happens in the first 10 seconds. Thus, it can be easily gauged that the initial few seconds of the video must be centered on the subject topic, like why it is beneficial for the customer, and what are the things they can find out or fix after watching the particular video.  Let us look at some of the ways a customer can be hooked to watch a sales video:

  • Creating and engaging Q and A about the video topic
  • Touching the pain point of that niche
  • How the solution structure is
  • The uniqueness of the solution
  • Organic call to action on a timely manner
  • Be authentic all throughout

Video Conversion Needs Explainer Story Not Sales Pitch to Drive Customers

Humor is the new sales engagement

Making a boring video with an end to end sales driven speech and the graphical representation is becoming past tense. Visitors are swoon to humor. Humor is a top attraction point when it comes to the engagement in a video. The comic relief in a subtle way adds excellent depth to the video. People are bored with the videos that speak lamely on a product; they need engagement, a sense of connection and laughter. As the age-old saying laughter is the best medicine, it indeed is an excellent source of video marketing. Videos with humor element have more spending time than the other forms. It adds a spice element and a feel-good factor which stays in the mind of the visitors even after watching the video. This impactful pattern results in creating leads for the product service.

Educate and reason your points

It is crucial that when creating a video about anything to sale, one needs to make the visitors familiar with the brand. Thus, when enacting the story through the video, educating the customers about the product is critical. Various ways can be done be it through animation, infographic representations, whiteboards or the voice over techniques to reach out to the visitors with its ergonomics. If a proper sketch of know-how about the item is not given, then the purpose of the video gets lost.

So, we can sum up with the concept that an explainer story video with a crisp and a clean intro, humor touch, proper flowchart, and service know-how will engage customers and drive more sales.